Finally, Ohtani THE B! From 11:10 a.m. on the 22nd, “LA Angels vs LA Dodgers”

The confrontation between the two teams, called the “Freeway Series,” is dominated by the Los Angeles Angels with 73 wins and 71 losses, but they have lost all of their last 10 showdowns and are losing 10 consecutive games. Attention is focusing on whether the Los Angeles Dodgers, which has become stronger with the recruitment of Ohtani, will be able to win 11 consecutive games against the Los Angeles Angels. The first game of the two consecutive games between the Los Angeles Angels and the Los Angeles Dodgers will begin at 11:10 a.m. on Saturday, 22nd, and can be seen on SPOTV NOW and SPOTV Prime for both days.

Ohtani, who joined the Los Angeles Angels in 2018 while heating up the U.S., won two unanimous American League MVP awards in 2021 and 2023. Now a major league superstar, Ohtani will face the Angels, who have been in the LA Dodgers uniform for five seasons.

Ohtani’s bat is burning fiercely these days. He slowed down a bit at the end of May, but successfully rebounded by announcing his revival. Since Mookie Betts was placed at the top of the batting order due to a broken back of his hand, he has recorded eight hits in 18 times at bat in four games. He is also recovering his status in major batting rankings. He hit a lead-off homerun in the first inning of the previous game to rank No. 1 in the NL home run alone, and leads the NL in OPS, scoring runs, and slugging percentage. Attention is focusing on whether Ohtani, who failed to make a hit against the Angels in the spring camp and exhibition games before the season, will be able to hunt for a home run with his good batting performance in the upcoming showdown. 토토사이트 추천

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Angels rank fourth in the American League Western Division. Since 2017, they have been in a deep slump, ranking fourth in the division except for 2022 (ranking third in the division). The team’s poor pitching staff has continued, with the team’s average earned run ranking third overall. Leading hitter Mike Trout is taking a long time to rehabilitate, and Ohtani, who helped the team in pitching and hitting until last year, has also left.

In contrast, the Los Angeles Dodgers is ranking first, beating Arizona, which is ranking second in the National League West, by a nine-game gap. Can the Los Angeles Angels, which desperately want to win, win a valuable victory over the National League predator Los Angeles Dodgers.

Which team will be the winner of the 145th Freeway Series and the first Ohtani Derby? Both games will be broadcast live on SPOTV PRIME from 11:10 a.m. on Saturday. You can watch the PC and mobile games on SPOTV NOW, the sports OTT service.

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