“For the first time in my 27 years as a director” European master’s determined remarks. “Angry” at the decision to be incomprehensible

Voices of Marcello Avondan, head coach of Heungkuk Life Insurance, a European master, rang out loud in the interview room. He did not look like him, who had avoided discussing the decision after going to Korea. Heungkuk Life Insurance won the match against Pepper Savings Bank in the Dodram V-League with a score of 3-1 at the Pepper Stadium in Gwangju on Tuesday.

He lost the first set, and trailed 14-22 in the second set. However, he made a miraculous come-from-behind victory. Once he overcame the hurdle, his potential centered on Kim Yeon-koung revived and he managed to win the match. Coach Avon Dan-ja was full of complaints about his disappointing performance in the game. He had been shouting at the players throughout the game to calm the mood.

“We didn’t have a good start. To be honest, the serve, the receiving, the toss, the dig, the blocking, everything didn’t go well. Still, the upset in the second set was a miracle. The opponent team didn’t make many mistakes and held on well. Still, our players found the flow well.” 안전 토토사이트

Yelena, who had to be the main gunner, scored 21 points, but her attack success rate was only 28.3 percent. Instead, Kim, who was a bit tired in the first and second sets, boosted her concentration from the third set. In the end, she saved her team again with 27 points (58.1 percent). Raina also scored 15 points to support her.

“Honestly, it’s true,” Avon Danza said of Elena’s sluggish performance. “(The setter) needs to use more middle blockers. For that to happen, we need to receive well,” he said. “Lena showed quality performance as an outside heater.” On the same day, she became a player who was interviewed by broadcasters and reporters.

“I paid attention to her passion from the moment she picked her. I’ve seen her play in Finland, too. I’m very happy that she got the Pang Pang award. She has great potential, and she really puts in effort, and I think I need to be more gentle with her from now on.”

Raina’s main position is apogit. When asked why she wanted to order a more aggressive role, Avon Danza said, “My feet get cold when I pull up the blanket up to my neck. My throat is cold when I cover my feet. I will decide when I go and decide which place is better to be cold.”

Regarding the setter issue, which has been holding back the entire season, Kim replied with a deep sigh. “I started off poorly, and Kim Da-sol made a wrong choice and distribution before discussing the quality of the toss. Even if the game is wrong, the player must make the right choice. This is a problem in the first and second sets,” Kim pointed out harshly.

At the beginning of the second set, Avon Danza appeared to complain to the referee in rare excitement. When Heungkuk Life Insurance’s Lee Won-jung’s overnet was declared, he requested a video review to correct it, which was followed by Pepper Savings Bank coach Joe Tringe pointing out Lee’s net touch in the same video. The referee accepted the request.

Coach Avon Dan-ja started an intense protest, shouting enough to make his face red from the time he entered the video reading again, but it was not accepted. When asked about the judgment that he felt sorry about during the game, Avon Dan-ja avoided answering, saying, “If there’s anything I learned while coaching, it’s not helpful for me to talk about the judgment.”

However, it was different on this day. Despite the dissuasion of club officials, Avon Danza repeatedly voiced his disappointment, saying, “This is the first scene I’ve seen in my 27 years as a coach.”

“The moment the overturn is declared, the rally is over. Didn’t he even correct the overturn earlier? How can he declare a mistake for what happened after the rally? I don’t think such unnatural things should affect the outcome.”

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