“Game Made Math, 5th Edition”

Dr. Ralph Thomas and Dr. Andrew Cardno, who are respected by data scientists in the casino industry, announced that they will soon publish their eighth book, “Game-made Mathematics, the Fifth Edition.” This edition is unique in that it incorporates the previously famous “QCI Beginner Guide for Database Marketing”. The synergy between these two works will provide depth to the mathematical complexity of the game and the subtle differences in the marketing database.

Game – created math, 5th edition provides a deep exploration of the symbiotic relationship between math and the game world. Based on the success of the previous edition, we show how the evolution of the game is deeply influenced by mathematical principles. It also provides readers with an understanding of the concept of the game to herald future innovations.

“By integrating the ‘QCI Beginner Guide for Database Marketing’ into this issue, we aim to provide readers with holistic insights into the casino industry and link mathematical complexity with effective marketing strategies,” Thomas said.

Kadno said, “This combined work epitomizes the combination of games and mathematics. Capturing the essence in the fifth edition, we aim to close the gap for both professionals and enthusiasts. From identifying game mechanics to predicting outcomes and carving winning strategies, ‘game-made mathematics’ provides an overall perspective on the industry’s mathematical foundations combined with marketing capabilities,” it added

Buddy Frank, a longtime advocate of Dr. Thomas and Mr. Kadno’s research, commented, “After the monumental guidance on database marketing, ‘game-made math’ promises to be a pivotal reading for all those keen to understand the analytical aspects of the game.” 슬롯머신

For those interested in securing a copy of “Game Made Math, 5th Edition,” Thomas and Cardno will showcase their new book at the G2E 2023 Global Games Fair in Las Vegas in October. The book strengthens its reputation as a leader in industry history, emphasizing its firm commitment to providing experts with extensive knowledge and tools in ever-evolving gaming, data analytics, and marketing.

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