Harry Kane, who is aiming for the top scorer in the Bundesliga, also takes German tutoring

Harry Kane, who aims to be the top scorer in the Bundesliga, also takes private German lessons

Harry Kane (30, Munich), who is seeking to become the top scorer in the Bundesliga, is seeking to adapt to Germany quickly.

Munich recruited Kane from Tottenham on the 12th. The contract expires in June 2027, and Kane’s back number is 9. Kane’s transfer fee is known to be 120 million euros (175 billion won), the largest in the history of the Munich club. Kane also receives 25 million euros (36.4 billion won) per year.

The effect was certain. Kane started in the opening game of the Bundesliga in the 2023-2024 season against Werder Bremen on the 19th and scored one goal and one assist. Kane scored an assist 195 seconds into the game. This is the fifth record in the history of assist in the shortest time in his Bundesliga debut. Kane scored an additional goal and tasted his debut goal.

Captain Kane of the English national team is not good at German, but there is no big problem in communication. Kane is taking German tutoring twice a week to quickly adapt to German life. Kane is said to have chosen the German maker Audi as his every move drew attention.

Kane had his fourth son, Henry Edward Kane, born on the 20th. Kane, who is still in temporary residence, is looking for a permanent residence near Munich. 스포츠토토

Scottish Alan McInally, who played as a striker for Munich in the 1990s, said, “Kane will have to buy a German dictionary and look at it whenever he has time. It’s very important. Even if there is an interpreter, you have to know how to speak German. Colleagues will also truly accept Kane only when he speaks German. You should do Guten-tak instead of Good Morning,” he advised.

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