Hwang Ui-jo suddenly returns to Nottingham loan for ‘illegal filming'”I didn’t finish my one-year lease.”

Nottingham Forest of the English Premier League announced the return of Hwang Ui-jo to the club’s website on Thursday (Korea time). It was an unexpected move. Hwang left Nottingham for Norwich at the end of the transfer window after the opening of this season. His loan period was one year at the time. But now, five months after his loan from Norwich, he has quickly returned to the club.

Hwang Ui-jo scored three goals after playing a total of 18 games for Norwich. He seemed to have finished adjusting somewhat at Norwich, but he has recently been under fire for illegal filming. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

In the end, the Korea Football Association has announced that it will not have Hwang in the national team for the time being. Having earned the disgrace of being excluded from the national team, Hwang has consistently been on the list except for his injury due to his absence from Norwich. However, he has suddenly returned to Nottingham on loan. He has yet to complete his loan spell. Nottingham did not elaborate on the reason for Hwang’s return to the club.

Under the current circumstances, injuries are likely the reason for his return to loan. Hwang was recently asked to summon a police investigation on charges of illegal filming. However, Hwang reportedly postponed the police investigation due to his injury.

Norwich coach David Wagner once explained Hwang Ui-jo’s injury. Coach Wagner mentioned in a press conference that Hwang Ui-jo was absent due to injury after the third round of the 2023-24 English FA Cup at Carrow Road in Norwich, England on the 7th. At the time, coach Wagner explained that Hwang Ui-jo felt something wrong with his hamstring ahead of the game.

In the meantime, Norwich also reported on their official website that “Hwang Ui-jo has returned to Nottingham on loan.” Norwich said, “Hwang Ui-jo urgently came on loan as Josh Sargent was injured on the closing day of the summer transfer market. Everyone in Norwich has their thanks for the dedication and effort of Hwang Ui-jo.”

Hwang Ui-jo has been challenging himself on the European stage since 2019, wearing the French Ligue 1 team’s Bordeaux jersey. Hwang Ui-jo, who played well for Bordeaux at the time, joined Nottingham in 2022. However, having been promoted to the top flight at the time, he had no intention of using Hwang, and he left for Olympiacos in Greece on loan.

However, Hwang Ui-jo continued to suffer a slump at the Olympiacos, and his loan was eventually terminated early. While it became difficult to return to Nottingham, FC Seoul of the K League 1 reached out. The intention was to maintain the sense of the game through a short-term loan. Hwang Ui-jo returned to Nottingham ahead of this season after holding Seoul’s hand and showing a consistent performance.

However, Nottingham was still lukewarm towards Hwang, who was once again on loan. The next destination was Norwich. Wagner welcomed Hwang with open arms. Even considering the situation at the time, Hwang was most likely to finish the season at Norwich. However, he suddenly returned to Nottingham before the end of the season. No one expected it.

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