Illegal Gambling in Italy

According to criminal investigations, 336 people participated in illegal gambling-related activities in Italy, but only 23 were taken over and punished. For years, representatives of the Sicilian Mafia have been using Malta-related betting operators in Italy, but most bets have been made in cash to provide privacy and impossibility of money flow. Since then, he has purchased properties in Italy, neighboring Malta, Germany, and Poland to launder profits. 경마사이트프로

Interestingly, schemes such as cash for betting are not strictly prohibited in the country, so it is possible to use them frequently. Criminals were applying it all over Italy in bars and restaurants.

The dark side of gambling generated about 2 billion euros in 2018, according to the report. At the same time, experts consider these numbers to have risen over the past year due to lockdowns and greater demand for online gambling.

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