Legendary Green Tube Games Ski Challenge gets new news

The season of winter sports has come – that means skiing, skiing a lot! Green Tube, the Novomatic digital gaming and entertainment department, has finally released the latest version of Ski Challenge, a world-famous mobile sports experience.

The company changed the game, added game-changing updates to the game, and made it better than ever. 카지노사이트 순위

Recently, the game is available on iOS and Android devices, so almost everyone can download it. Organized tournaments wait for players: they will be able to compete with each other and win substantial prize money. The new update brings many new features, including a new ranking system, in-game leaderboards, and completely new custom items.

Skill points can be collected by competing in a race. In that way, athletes can reach heights beyond imagination. They can be ranked in one of several categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Master. Ranking is not the only perk for players: they can also become famous for appearing on time-based leaderboards with their names etched into history. So, you have a chance to become king of hills and master your skiing skills – you just have to dare to try!

Aren’t you tired of the same old self in all the games you’ve played so far? Now things are changing. You can customize your look by adding new clothes and accessories to your avatar. I will never get bored because I can expect new items in the game when I play games.

Ski Challenge is the first game released by Greentube. Launched in 1998, Swiss Ski, Austrian Ski Federation, and German Ski Federation were partners in the project. They provided some exclusive tracks to the athletes, and the rest is history.

Michael Bauer, CFO/CGO of Green Tube, said, “Unsurprisingly, this new and improved version of the ski challenge was a huge success for old and new athletes. Given that many people are enjoying the game, it would have been lazy of us not to continue developing after release.

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