In addition, public opinion reached an even more extreme level with less-than-expected performance and performance, such as losing to Qatar in the AFC U-22 qualifying round just before the tournament.

Many famous players, including Lee Kang-in, participated in the event, raising expectations, but the saying that “it is difficult to win the gold medal because the coach is Hwang Sun-hong.” Have any soccer fans not heard of this. However, Hwang prepared silently. He only watched the competition rather than criticizing himself. Coach Hwang prepared for the Asian Games with all his career, both as a player and as a leader, to the extent that he said, “I have risked my life.”

And he answered the criticism against himself with a perfect result of 16 points and no points in all three of the group matches and 11 points and three points in all four of the tournament. Although he was evaluated as the “weakest offense ever”, he set a new record for the most points ever and let most of the players in the offense score. 스포츠토토

He did not force Lee Kang-in, who had just recovered from his injury and joined the national team late, and even though Um Won-sang recovered, he did not force the player to play as a substitute in the second half of the final. All 21 players participated except goalkeeper Kim Jung-hoon.

Hwang reportedly encouraged younger players than his daughter by comparing his charisma and softness. It was a short call-up and tournament preparation that gave the players a clear role, but rather than grand tactics, they were able to achieve three consecutive Asian Games victories following 2014 and 2018 with tactics that match the opponent and bring out the characteristics of the players as much as possible.

If you look at the members coldly, it is a competition where Korea must win. But it’s never easy to do the obvious. In addition, it is not easy to achieve maximum results by utilizing a small number of squads in a competition that is held every three days. His skills include an upward leveling of Asian soccer and no guarantee that he will win unconditionally against all opponents including Uzbekistan, China and Japan. However, it was possible because Hwang won the gold medal and the players and the coaching staff under Hwang became one.

Coach Hwang Sun-hong, who changed the public opinion that “the player is good, but Hwang Sun-hong can’t,” to “the gold medal was possible because the player was good and Hwang Sun-hong was good.”

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