Its Kim Woo-min’s Competitor Appears Again

Kim Woo-min’s Competitor Appears Again… Germany’s Martens Takes First Place in the 400m Freestyle Season

‘World Championship Champion’ Kim Woo-min, pushed to 4th place in season rankings.

Another competitor has appeared in front of Kim Woo-min (22, Gangwon Provincial Office), who won a surprise gold medal in the men’s 400m freestyle at the International Aquatics Federation World Championships held in Doha, Qatar last February.

Germany’s Lucas Martens (22) has established a world ranking for the men’s 400m freestyle this season.

Martens was the first to touch the pad with a time of 3 minutes 40.33 seconds in the men’s 400m freestyle final at the 2024 German Swimming Championships held in Berlin, Germany on the 26th (Korean time). 온라인카지노

At the Australian Open on the 17th, he surpassed at once the 1st and 2nd place records in the 2024 men’s 400m freestyle world rankings established by Elijah Winnington (3 minutes 41.41 seconds) and Samuel Short (3 minutes 41.64 seconds, both of Australia).

Kim Woo-min is currently ranked 4th in the men’s 400m freestyle world rankings with a record of 3 minutes 42.71 seconds set when he won the gold medal at the Doha World Championships.

Martens came close to the world record.

The men’s 400m freestyle world record is 3 minutes 40.07 seconds set by Paul Wiedermann (Germany) in 2009.

Martens’ 3 minutes 40.33 seconds ranks fourth all-time, following Biederman’s world record and Ian Thorpe (3 minutes 40.08, Australia) and Sun Yang (3 minutes 40.14, China).

Lucas Martens won a bronze medal in the men’s 400m freestyle at the Doha World Championships in February with a time of 3:42.96, following Kim Woo-min (3:42.71) and Winnington (3:42.86).

Martens, whose previous personal best was 3 minutes 41.60 seconds, has emerged as a strong candidate for a medal by improving her own record by more than a second three months before the opening of the Paris Olympics.

Kim Woo-min, a medal candidate for the men’s 400m freestyle at the Paris Olympics, will have to overcome even fiercer competition from the Australian swimming duo Winnington and Short, as well as Martens, to get to the podium.

In the finals of the Paris Olympics, he must surpass his own best record and even surpass Park Tae-hwan’s Korean record for the 400m freestyle (3 minutes 41.53 seconds) to be able to look at the podium.

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