Its Coach Lee Beom-ho Worries, Need to Use Seo Geon-chang

KIA Coach Lee Beom-ho Worries… “We Need to Use Seo Geon-chang, But we Only have Left-Handed Starters”

KIA, left-handed starter and opponent for 3 consecutive games until the 26th

The KIA Tigers, who lead professional baseball at the beginning of the season with 20 wins and 7 losses, also have a small concern.

As we face left-handed starting pitchers exceptionally often, the opportunities for left-handed hitters with good hitting sense to play are decreasing. 카지노

KIA manager Lee Beom-ho said ahead of the LG Twins game to be held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 26th, “We need to let Seo Geon-chang out, but he keeps saying ‘left and right’.

I feel like he will lose his sense of the game if he doesn’t let him out for a few days, so I’m trying to get him out at least one at-bat “He explained.

Ahead of this season, Seo Geon-chang, wearing the KIA uniform, continues his performance reminiscent of his prime with a batting average of 0.347 (17 hits in 49 at-bats) in 21 games.

Seo Geon-chang, a left-handed hitter, has recently been paired with right-handed hitter Lee Woo-sung and takes turns playing first base depending on the type of opposing starting pitcher.

As long as one of Seo Geon-chang and Lee Woo-sung has a good batting sense, he can be played regardless of which starting pitcher the opponent uses, but both players have good hitting sense.

Lee Woo-sung has a batting average of 0.330 (34 hits in 103 at-bats), 4 home runs, and 21 RBIs, making him a key hitter for the team.

Lee Woo-sung can play as an outfielder, so he can keep his position even if a right-handed pitcher comes out, but it is not easy for Seo Geon-chang to play as a starter on days when a left-handed pitcher comes out.

KIA faced two left-handed starters in the match against Gocheok Kiwoom Heroes (Emmanuel de Heisus) on the 24th and Gocheok Kiwoom (Jong-min Lee) on the 25th, and will also face left-handed pitcher Kim Yun-sik in the match against LG on this day.

If LG’s current starting rotation continues, we may see left-handed starters for five days in a row, including Detrick Ens on the 27th and Son Ju-young on the 28th.

KIA is a team with a large gap in batting average between left-handed and right-handed opponents.

When facing a right-handed pitcher, the entire batting lineup turns into a slugger with a team batting average of 0.325.

It is overwhelmingly first in the league.

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