Its Professional Soccer K-League’s ‘Legend’ Dejan ‘Sniped’ Hwang Seon-hong

K-League legend Dejan snipes Hwang Seon-hong… “FC Seoul’s team management is a mess”

“They don’t recognize the individuality of players…

They can’t stand situations where players stand out more than themselves.”

Professional soccer K-League’s ‘legend’ Dejan (retired, Montenegro) ‘sniped’ Hwang Seon-hong,

the coach of the Asian Games national team, saying,

“His ability to manage the team was poor” when he was leading FC Seoul.


Dejan, who played for FC Seoul for a long time during his active career,

explained the process of parting ways with Seoul in 2017 through an article titled 바카라사이트

‘The reason I crossed the bridge of no return’ posted on his blog on the 7th,

talked about the things Coach Hwang showed him in Seoul.

He gave a very negative evaluation of leadership.

Dejan chose Coach Hwang as the leader who gave him the most trouble during his career and criticized him, saying, “(Coach Hwang) had good ideas in terms of soccer,

but his ability to manage the players was weak.”

FC Seoul

“More than anything, I believed that I could change everything about FC Seoul.

That was a big mistake,” he said. “Coach Hwang treated FC Seoul like his own team.

“Even though five years have passed since the coach left,

the team is still unable to return to its original position,” he wrote.

Coach Hwang took charge of Seoul in place of coach Choi Yong-soo,

who left for the Chinese league ahead of the second half of 2016.

Previously, in the 2013 season, a foreigner joined the Pohang Steelers.

Seoul fans’ expectations for Coach Hwang, who won the league and the Korea Football Association Cup (FA Cup) without a single player, were very high.

Coach Hwang

Under Coach Hwang’s leadership, Seoul won the league championship in the 2016 season,

but fell into a ‘dark age’ from the 2017 season.

The team ranked 5th in the 2017 season, and amid the worst slump in the 2018 season,

Coach Hwang voluntarily resigned in April.

Seoul had to fight desperately as they were pushed into the relegation playoffs that winter.

Dejan explained the situation at the time to the effect that one of the reasons for the failure was that Coach Hwang showed no respect for senior and foreign players in order to control the team.

1st Day of Training

Dejan said, “The hardships began from the first day of training.

Coach Hwang declared that he would treat all seniors and juniors,

domestic and foreign players, on the same level,” and added, “Korean players also have their own personalities.

A coach must approach each player differently.

Coach Hwang said “He did not acknowledge that part at all.”

He continued, “(Coach Hwang, a former star) seemed unable to endure a situation where the players stood out more than he did,” and added, “We played a central role in the game,

always greeted the fans with a smile outside the stadium, and did our best in media interviews. “

High Salary

That was the reason the club paid us a high salary.

The manager could not tolerate such a situation,” he wrote.

Dejan explained in detail how the disagreement with Coach Hwang grew,

including the incident in which he was severely punished for failing to keep the team return date after the international break,

from his ‘own perspective’ and said, “I consider FC Seoul my ‘second home’. “

I was so angry because it felt like my house was being destroyed by one person,” I looked back.

He continued, “As a result, neither Coach Hwang nor I could win.

Coach Hwang resigned after ruining the team, and in the 2017 season,

I was abandoned even though I scored 22 goals, the most in the team.

It was a disaster.”

Suwon Samsung

When Dejan’s contract with Seoul expired in 2017, he made a shocking transfer to Suwon Samsung,

a ‘rival club’, and played until 2019.

This is why Dejan is not recognized as a ‘Seoul legend’ by fans even though he scored 154 goals in 8 seasons in Seoul.

Regarding the situation at the time, Dejan said, “At the end of the 2017 season,

the club notified me that they would not renew my contract.

There was no explanation or conversation at all,” and “I asked my agent to ‘find a team that can challenge for the Champions League trophy.’


“I received a call saying, ‘An offer has arrived from Suwon,’” he explained.

“The club (Seoul) decided that I was done with the K-League,

they believed I could still compete at the highest level in Asia,” he wrote,

adding, “I fully understand the shock FC Seoul fans must have felt.”

Dejan left the K-League after playing for Daegu FC in 2020.

He subsequently announced his retirement in August of this year after three seasons with Hong Kong Kitsch.

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