Its FIFA 4 National Team Member, Lee Kang-in’s Fan

FIFA 4 national team member “Lee Kang-in’s fan… winning a gold medal will boost morale”

The Hangzhou Asian Games FIFA Online 4 (hereinafter referred to as FIFA 4)

national team revealed their desire for a gold medal through the media day held on the 7th.

At the event held at the S-Plex Center in Sangam-dong, coach Shin Bo-seok,

players Kwak Jun-hyuk and Park Ki-young, as well as power analysts Park Ki-hong and Park Chan-hwa,

attended and expressed their determination to participate in the Asian Games.

FIFA 4 National Team

On this day, the FIFA 4 national team strengthened their resolve by saying,

“I know that we are holding the finals early,” and “I will do my best to win the gold medal and spread good energy not only to e-sports but also to the entire Korean team.” 안전놀이터

Coach Shin Bo-seok said, “I was just excited (to be selected as a national team member) at first,

but now I feel pressured,” and added, “I think my training is going well,

with the attention and support I’ve never received before.”

He expressed his determination, saying, “I will work harder to achieve good results.”

Kwak Jun-hyeok

Player Kwak Jun-hyeok said, “Ever since (FIFA 4) was first adopted as an official sport in the Asian Games,

I wanted to play for the national team.

As this dream is becoming a reality, I feel a sense of anticipation and responsibility.” reported.

He added, “I will prepare well and try to show a good performance.”

The newly joined power analysts Park Ki-hong and Park Chan-hwa also expressed their determination,

saying, “We will make efforts to improve the players’ shortcomings during the training period,” and “We will help them achieve good results.”

The FIFA 4 finals are scheduled to be held on the 27th.

Asian Games

It is one of the events in which the finals will be held at the earliest in the Hangzhou Asian Games, which opens on the 23rd.

In particular, Korea is expected to win its first gold medal in an event that is the home country.

At this event, the players also did not hide their expectations.

Kwak Jun-hyuk said, “Just thinking about winning Korea’s first gold medal makes me really happy and gives me good energy.”

He also added, “I will win a gold medal first so I can spread good energy to athletes in other sports.”

Lee Kang-in

Park Ki-young said, “I always like soccer,” and added, “I will definitely support the national soccer team so that they can win a gold medal together.”

Both players chose Lee Kang-in as their favorite Asian Games national soccer team member.

However, both players brought laughter to the event by saying that they do not use Lee Kang-in often in the FIFA 4 game.

Players chose the host countries, China and Thailand, as the opponents they were most wary of.

Kwak Jun-hyuk explained, “The biggest rival is Thailand,”

“This is because it is a country that has always competed

with Korea for first and second place in numerous international competitions,

even if it is not the Asian Games.”

Park Ki-young

Park Ki-young said, “Thailand is strong, but China is also a difficult country,

so we consider both countries as competitors.”

The players made promises to their fans, including fan meetings and signed uniform gifts if they won a medal.

Coach Shin Bo-seok said, “My child is still one year old,

but I can’t see him because of the national team practice,” and joked, “If I win a gold medal,

I will go on a trip to the United States with my wife, who is struggling.”

Park Ki-hong, a power analyst, joked, “Park Ki-young is my younger brother,

so I expect a small gift if he wins a gold medal.”

Both coaches and players cited ‘local adaptation’ as the key to winning the gold medal.

Korea e-Sports Association

Coach Shin emphasized, “Because FIFA 4 is an early game, there is not enough time to get used to it,” and added, “Once I enter the stadium, I think I will have to spend a long time getting used to it.”

The players also explained, “The loud cheering and commentary from the crowd affects performance,” and added, “We will take measures such as wearing headsets.”

To make up for this, the Korea e-Sports Association conducted local adaptation training at the handball stadium on the 6th.

The match was played with commentary from an actual Chinese caster and the cheers of the crowd played in a stadium of similar size.

Finally, Director Shin Bo-seok strengthened his resolve, saying, “I will bring good results as many people support me and support from associations and game companies.”

Kwak Jun-hyuk also expressed his determination, saying, “I think this is the first time that a sport called FIFA 4 has received this much attention,” and added, “I will work hard to keep the attention by getting good results at the Asian Games.”

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