I’ve damaged the value of golf…’ Can Yoon-na be welcomed, breaking the principle and reducing disciplinary action

The issue of disciplinary reductions and exemptions for Yuna due to her “play of five pitches” is hot. The Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Tour decided to reduce the suspension period for Yuna from three years to one and a half years at its board meeting on the 8th. Yuna’s disciplinary action, which was scheduled to end on September 19, 2025, has been advanced to March 19, 2024. As a result, Yuna will be able to participate in the KLPGA tour in the 2024 season.

At the Korea Women’s Open in July 2022, Yoon played a five-ball game in which she hit someone else’s ball, not her own. After her tee shot at Hole 15 in the first round was pushed to the right, she found the ball from the rough and proceeded with the game, and even though she knew the ball was not her own, she continued playing. Yoon voluntarily reported it one month after the competition. As a result, she was suspended by the Korea Golf Association (KGA) in August and the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) in September for three years, respectively. 메이저 토토사이트

However, in September 2023, the KGA reduced Yuna’s punishment from three years to one year and a half. The KLPGA also confirmed the exemption in 2024. The KLPGA said, “The position of golf officials, golf fans, and members including sponsors, and the KGA’s reduction of disciplinary action against Yuna were considered.” It added that it considered 3,500 petitions seeking his relief. The KGA’s exemption background was similar.

The view is not good. Critics point out that the five-gu play itself undermined the spirit of golf, and that reducing disciplinary action even after hiding it and reporting it belatedly violated the fairness of golf.

There was a similar situation in the Korean PGA in 2022. A player who intentionally played five-year suspension of qualifications and played five-year fine of 50 million won at the Asiad Country Club Busan Open. However, Yoon’s punishment was lighter than this, but he was exempted from the penalty as well. Voices that the fairness of golf was undermined for the sake of the success of the tournament and the benefit of sponsors due to Yoon’s star quality grew louder.

“In elementary, middle and junior competitions, referees are agonizing over their poor performance. What would young players see to learn?” said a member of the committee. “Who would play golf honestly when the responsibility for wrongdoing (discipline) is lightweight and you can earn a lot of money if you win a championship?” he added. “The KLPGA, which broke the rules, lost the trust of fans. It was an act that put a damper on the successful women’s golf.”

Players’ opinions were the same. Last year, the KLPGA held a closed-door survey and heard opinions on whether to benefit from the scandal or to reduce disciplinary action. More than 90 percent opposed the measure. However, the KLPGA said that it decided on disciplinary action after hearing the opinions of all its members. This is why critics say that the team is less sincere.

Yuna, who made her KLPGA tour debut in 2022 and won the title once, has been loved by her fans for her outstanding long-distance shots. She fell through due to one wrong decision. The latest punishment cut could rather hurt her star quality. Her image as a KLPGA that broke principles was also dealt a hard blow. “I promise not to repeat the same mistakes and to play honestly and faithfully in accordance with the spirit and rules of golf,” Yuna said after the decision to exempt her from disciplinary action. Will Yuna, who will return to the 2024 season, be welcomed.

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