Kim Do-young’s talent cannot be explained by batting average… Specialty Revealed in Ace Defeat

The batting average has long been used as the most basic indicator of evaluating batters in baseball history. Although many indicators have been developed to more accurately indicate a batter’s scoring productivity than batting average, batting average still has a great appeal to fans. The batting champion is also selected by batting average.

However, there are many blind spots. It doesn’t fully explain the value of a hit. Both single hits and home runs are the same one hit. This is supplemented by various indicators such as weighted on-base percentage and slugging percentage. However, the task is complicated in many ways to correct the opponent’s level. This is because one hit against the league’s best pitcher and one hit against such a pitcher have the same value. 스포츠토토

Kim Do-young (20), KIA’s proud special talent, is so difficult to explain everything with his batting average. Kim Do-young, who is in her second year of high school this year, is cruising after overcoming the aftermath of a foot injury she earned in the season’s opening series. As of the 4th, he has played in 48 games of the season with a batting average of 0.308, three home runs, 25 RBIs, 15 steals, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.833. It has a basic batting average and produces long hits with more than a double.

One more surprising thing is the ability to adapt to high-quality pitchers. Young players usually have a hard time fighting top pitchers in the league. Basically, the pitch is good. On top of that, there is a lethal move to target inexperienced players, and there is also a lot of know-how to target them. It is also related to this that young players’ batting average tends to be jagged. But Kim Do-young is not. He is also working hard against ace pitchers.

Looking at Kim Do-young’s record by opponent this season, it can be seen that he has performed quite well against pitchers representing each team. Doosan went 1-for-3 against foreign ace Raul Alcantara. One hit was a double. He hit two hits in two at-bats against Lotte’s native ace Park Se-woong, and did not retreat helplessly with one hit in three at-bats against foreign pitcher Aaron Wilkerson.

He was strong with three hits in six at-bats for Samsung’s native ace Won Tae-in, and also reported a hit against David Buchanan. He also has a hit against Hanwha Ricardo Sanchez with one hit in three at-. He has two hits in six at-bats against Ko Young-pyo, a native ace of KT, and two hits in three at-bats against foreign ace William Cuevas. I remember hitting a hit against Eric Pedi, an NC foreigner who boasts extreme mode this year.

Basically, even in SSG, which is so strong, all the pitchers representing the team struggled with Kim Do-young. A case in point is that he hit three hits in three at-bats against Kirk McCarty, the league’s best left-hander this year. Kim Kwang-hyun also has two hits in five at-bats and Roenis Elias has two hits in three at-bats. Of course, there are ace pitchers who have yet to report hits, but at this point, it can be seen that they played a game that did not lose much against talented pitchers.

As he has good bat speed and completes the position where he can use his power most naturally this year, he is not weak in dealing with fastballs. Although the number fight has not yet reached the level of a veteran, he is showing off his competitiveness in the course he is aiming for. The fact that he did well against high-quality players means that he is also adaptable. It is not unreasonable to expect better results when experience is accumulated and weaknesses are supplemented.

Offensive productivity has also increased. According to statistics website Statistics, Kim Do-young’s adjusted score productivity (wRC+) was 88.1 last year, down from the league average. However, this year, the number rose to 136.8 thanks to the increase in batting average and on-base percentage and the increase in slugging percentage. Although it is a sample far short of the regulation at-bats, it is enough to raise expectations that he will be able to exceed the league average even if he plays full-time.

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