Lee Kang-in mentioned in Spanish media Gubo Real transfer rumors

GOL Digital said on the 18th, “If Gubo, who is in the spotlight in Europe, leaves Real Sociedad, Lee Kang-in will be the replacement,” adding, “Lee Kang-in transferred to PSG after playing his best role in Mallorca.” However, Lee Kang-in can definitely move to Real Sociedad, he reported.

“Gubo has established himself as the best player in the Primera Liga. Gubo has been doing brilliantly recently and the world’s best clubs are watching him. So will definitely leave the team in 2024. Real Sociedad is eyeing players like Lee Kang-in. He’s getting little chance at PSG. This is why Sociedad is seeking to recruit Lee Kang-in, he said.

Japanese rising star Gubo signed a five-year contract with Real Sociedad in the summer of 2022. Gubo, who almost fell into such a promising player after failing to succeed until Mallorca’s days with Lee Kang-in on loan at Villarreal and Getafe, was transformed from Real Sociedad.

Last season, Gubo scored nine goals and seven assists in 35 La Liga games, becoming a key player for Real Sociedad. Thanks to Gubo’s performance, Real Sociedad advanced to the UEFA Champions League stage in fourth place in the league. Gubo recorded his best performance by winning the Sociedad Player of the Year award. 스포츠토토

Gubo is showing a hotter appearance this season. La Liga finished second in scoring in the league with five stone-1 assists in eight games. In particular, in September, he won the La Liga Player of the Month award. Naturally, the ransom soared and Gubo’s body price rose to 50 million euros.

For now, Real Madrid gave up Gubo to Real Sociedad, but it still owns a 50% stake in the player and even the right to refuse the sale first. In addition, Gubo’s active right wing forward position is in Real Madrid’s troubled position, so he can return to compete with Hodrigu.
Relevo said, “Gubo knows that Real Madrid is interested. Also, the proposal will arrive soon. I’m sure Gubo will make the decision he wants. Real Madrid can decide right away. The buyout amount of Gubo is known to be around 60 million euros (85.7 billion won). Therefore, Real Madrid will pay from 30 million euros (42.8 billion won).

Relevo then said, “Gubo is happy at Real Sociedad, which feels like home, and the most likely choice is to continue playing at Sociedad, which signed a contract until 2027. But Gubo knows what a great team Real Madrid is. “If the coach is really interested in taking him, he can definitely take on a new challenge,” he said.

Lee Kang-in joined PSG, but it is not going well. He was injured in the preseason. He joined the team anew, but he didn’t have enough time to work with his teammates. In addition, Lee Kang-in was out of power due to a left femur oblique injury after the second round against Toulouse in August. In the end, Lee Kang-in started against Lance and missed the Lyon and Nice matches. Of course, he announced his return as a substitute in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League group stage against Dortmund.

However, Lee Kang-in headed to China for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. Lee Kang-in was selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games national team led by head coach Hwang Sun-hong and led the team to victory by participating in the third match against Bahrain. Lee Kang-in, who won the gold medal, boosted his performance through the A match against Tunisia and Vietnam in October.

Nothing he has proven yet at PSG. GOL Digital’s report also highlights that part. In terms of his recent performance, Lee Kang-in is very important to PSG. PSG had powerful resources up front but lacked creativity on the midfielder line.

Luis Enrique will play in a 4-3-3 formation. Enrique has played in a 4-3-3 formation since his appointment at PSG. Mbappe, Gonzalo Hamus (Colo – Muanyi) and Dembele form a three – top.

Manuel Ugarte is guarding the back of the three midfielders. On the left of the remaining two seats, Vitinha and Fabian Lewis are competing. Warren Zaire-Emery has been appointed to the right midfielder position so far. However, Jair-Emery was born in 2006 and is still in the process of growing up. Therefore, Lee Kang-in is expected to be placed on the right side to compete with Zaire-Emery.

According to Spanish media, Lee Kang-in is considered a replacement for Gubo. However, Lee Kang-in has a lot to prove at PSG. Local French media have no mention of the possibility of moving to Gubo’s replacement. Although it is complicated, attention is focused on Lee Kang-in’s move.

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