Lee Kang-in’s replacement for ‘Asian Cup transfer’? ‘Walkle MF’ is confirmed!… PSG and Manchester United want it too

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has finally decided on a replacement for Lee Kang-in, who is scheduled to vacate the Asian Cup in January. The main character is Casemiro (Manchester United), a world-class midfielder who has lifted numerous championship cups at Real Madrid in the past. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

“PSG is considering Casemiro in the upcoming winter transfer market,” France’s Putsur 7 said on the 16th (Korea time). Manchester United also wants to sell Casemiro this winter. PSG is looking for an experienced defensive midfielder to erase Warren Jair Emery and Manuel Ugarte. We are keeping an eye on the situation of 31-year-old Brazilian national midfielder Casemiro.”

“With the January transfer window approaching, PSG is showing interest in Casemiro,” British soccer news agency Visaker said. “The United Nations plans to raise funds by selling Casemiro and Jadon Sancho.” Sky Sports also reported that PSG is showing keen interest in recruiting Casemiro. The Sun also said, “With Casemiro’s contract remaining for two years, Manchester United plans to cash in Casemiro this winter. PSG is interested in Casemiro.”

PSG plans to fill the vacancy of Lee Kang-in, who will leave the team in January with Casemiro. Of course, the two players have completely different tendencies. Casemiro does not directly replace Agangin. “Coach Luis Enrique wants Casemiro to join in January when Lee Kang-in is confirmed to leave the team. Lee Kang-in will participate in the Asian Cup from the beginning of 2024, and it is highly likely that Casemiro will be the long-considered substitute,” explained Puthur7.

According to media outlets, PSG plans to install Casemiro as a defensive midfielder and recruit more central midfielders such as Carlos Soler, Jair Emery and Vitinha. The intention is to ease the burden on Ugarte and increase flexibility in the starting lineup.

The position PSG wants to reinforce is also a midfielder. Le10 Sports of France said, “PSG is considering strengthening in midfield. We are trying to find experienced players in this position where young players will play after the opening of the season,” adding, “Left back is not something to consider. Only experienced midfielders have not been excluded.”

“If recruitment is made this winter, this position will be the only one. Reinforcement is essential due to the continuous injuries and the departure of Lee Kang-in in recent weeks. An experienced midfielder will have to come,” he added.

Earlier, PSG had already started efforts to strengthen its midfield. It is reported that PSG coach Luis Enrique has requested the club to recruit a world-class midfielder. Earlier this month, Le Parisien said, “With repeated injuries to the midfielder, and Lee Kang-in leaving the team in January, PSG wants to recruit a midfielder,” adding, “This was done at the request of Luis Enrique. The injuries to Warren Jair Emery and Fabian Lewis have opened the door for recruitment in the winter transfer market. It is reported that the club wants to recruit a proven and experienced midfielder in the transfer market in January next year.”

With several players on the candidate list, the recruitment target seems to have been solidified as Casemiro. Rumors of Casemiro’s recruitment have been pouring out recently as the interests of PSG as well as Manchester United have aligned.

Meanwhile, Lee Kang-in, who is set to participate in the Asian Cup, has been criticized for his colorless and odorless performance in the last three games. French soccer commentator Pierre Menes recently criticized, “Lee Kang-in does not have much personality. He dribbles a lot from the side, but lacks the ability to pass forward. It does not meet the level required by PSG.”

After missing a decisive opportunity in the match against Borussia Dortmund and receiving the lowest rating, he said in Bloe, France, “Some players had a hard time. It is not enough for an ambitious team to play in the Champions League. In particular, Lee Kang-in pretends to play an important role in such a team.” Even if it is not Casemiro, fierce competition is expected to be inevitable again if an experienced midfielder joins during the Asian Cup match.

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