Mbappe Goes to the Back of Real Head → Shock PL Again? “Real Won’t Decide My Future”

Mbappe has been linked to Real Madrid for a long time. Mbappe said, “I have been a fan since I was a child,” adding, “I want to play for Real Madrid someday.” He is also known to have sent official offers to Real Madrid several times.

Notably, Real Madrid almost held Mbappe in the summer of 2022. At the time, Mbappe reportedly agreed in principle to go to Real Madrid after his contract with PSG ended. However, Mbappe suddenly signed a three-year contract with PSG, and Real Madrid was in shock. 온라인경마

Locally, there was even an analysis that Mbappe played with two teams. He said he chose PSG at the last minute while tasting liver promising to sign contracts with both PSG and Real Madrid.

Even Mbappe texted Real Madrid’s president, Florentino Perez, notifying him of his refusal. Real Madrid, without Mbappe, lifted its 14th big year by winning the UEFA Champions League (UCL), and Perez smiled leisurely, saying, “Mbappe is pathetic, he must be regretting it already.”

However, the mood is quite different this time around. Mbappe really decided to move. He refused to extend his contract with PSG ahead of the opening of this season in order to leave the team as a free agent a year later. Of course, PSG also paid Mbappe a fee and urged him to move immediately or stay on the bench all season.

In fact, Mbappe missed the opening match of the season, wondering if he would face a catastrophe. However, he soon came back to the stadium after successfully reconciling. According to French media, Mbappe reportedly agreed to give up his huge bonus in lieu of extending his contract.

On top of that, there was even a story that Mbappe had already agreed with Real Madrid. France’s “Foot Mercato” said on the 8th (Korea Standard Time), “Mbappe is joining Real Madrid,” adding, “This suspension is coming to an end. According to what I understand, he agreed with Real Madrid in a few days. Now I can relax.”

“Since Mbappe moved to PSG in 2017, his future has been mentioned in articles every year. There were huge proposals and constant rumors from Real Madrid in 2019, and it reached its peak two years ago. Mbappe surprised the world by renewing his contract with PSG at the last minute, and this contract is coming to an end,” the media said.

Mbappe is considered the top candidate for the next Ballon d’Or, scoring 236 goals in 283 games at PSG alone. For Real Madrid, he is considered a future icon if he can bring him in. Besides, Real Madrid really needs him because it has not had the resources to play as a striker since the departure of Karim Benzema.

Mbappe is now free to discuss future contracts with other clubs. Under the Boseman rules, players six months before their contracts expire can freely negotiate with other clubs and move to a new team as soon as their contracts expire. There is a good chance that they have already reached an agreement with Real Madrid.

However, another argument has been raised. That Mbappe could reject Real Madrid’s offer and choose to go to the PL. The Times reported that Mbappe could reject Real Madrid and change his direction to the PL. “After refusing to sign a contract with Real Madrid in advance, his future is uncertain and he is attracted to the move to England.”

In other words, Mbappe is leaving all possibilities open. “Mbappe was not impressed by Real Madrid’s attempt to sign a pre-contract this month. He wants to find other options, including a FA switch, before deciding on his future next season,” the media said. “Mbappe told his friends that Real Madrid will not decide his future.”

According to The Times, Real Madrid has promised Mbappe the club’s highest salary. However, Mbappe’s side is also considering the option to advance to the PL. He once mentioned his admiration for Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp and his conversations with Liverpool in 2022. PSG are certain that they will not let Mbappe go to Liverpool, but the future is unknown.

Meanwhile, Mbappe himself spoke after winning the Trope de Champaign after beating Toulouse on April 4. When the talk of his future emerged, Mbappe said, “This year I’m very motivated. This is very important. We have to go after the championship, and we already got one. After that, I haven’t decided yet. I haven’t selected a team.”

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