McKeon’s proud parents paint a different picture of their poker champion son

Minutes after being eliminated from the 2015 World Series Poker Main Event on Tuesday night, I was asked by ESPN’s Kara Scott if I was ready for the role of “Poker Ambassador.” His response was, “We’ll see.”

It wasn’t the kind of wild answer that the poker world, or WSOP Suit, wanted to hear, and it wasn’t surprising, either, given the callousness McKeon has occasionally behaved in the Rio All-Sweet Hotel & Casino over the past few days. Despite the historical dominance McKeon, 24, felt on his final three nights, “Joy Ice Cube” must be quite the callous response to those expecting him to be the emissary of the game. Daniel Negrianu doesn’t, and that’s entirely McKeon’s privilege.

But in the event of an unexpected incident where McKeown decides at some point that he wants to be seen as a more likable person, the first thing he should do is to let his family tell the story for him. This is because McKeown stood on stage at the Penn & Teller Theater, where confetti and streamers lay around answering media questions, as if he might as well be in 7683,346 different locations. Brent and Gina McKeown described their son as a much more caring and considerate person than ESPN’s cameras captured this week. 바카라

They explained how much they wanted Joe to be in Las Vegas this week, even though his 81-year-old grandparents had to fly for the first time in their lives, be connected to oxygen, and ride a scooter. They talked about how good a role model Joe is for his 10-year-old brother, Mikey. They got emotional when they talked about how he was likely to move out of the house where he grew up, now that his eldest son has made nearly $10 million in his poker career.

“He’s a good kid,” said Brent, who delivers coffee to a canteen refreshments supplier in the North Wales area of Pennsylvania, wearing a black Arcadia University sweatshirt in a shoutout to the school where Joe received his maths degree in 2013. “I have physical limitations and we’ll be up there in a few years. So I can’t do some of the physical things I’ve been able to do with Joe with Mikey. But Joe always cuts in and takes care of it.”

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