NC Dinos right-hander Eric Pedi pitched a perfect pitch against the Kiwoom Heroes.

He started the home game in Changwon on the 5th and recorded two hits and no runs in seven innings. He gave up one walk and struck out 11 times. All pitches, including two-seam, sweepers, and cutters, were perfect. 62 of the 93 pitches were strikes. It was sluggish in the previous game, but there was no need to worry. 슬롯머신

Pedi collapsed early in the match against the KIA Tigers on August 31. He allowed seven runs in three innings and passed the mound. He had the shortest innings and the most runs in one game. Coach Kang In-kwon said, “The (main weapon) swiper was bad. “I think KIA hitters prepared well,” he said.

Pedi, who took the mound in five days, was the best pitcher in the KBO League. He overwhelmed the Heroes’ batting lineup, which has been on the rise recently, with ball power.

There was no hesitation from start to finish. He struck out Rory Dawson, Kim Hye-sung, and Lee Joo-hyung in the first inning. Dawson and Kim Hye-sung, who have a good sense of hitting, struck out swinging and striking out Lee Joo-hyung.

He got his first hit after one out in the second inning. Lim Byung-wook’s hit flew between the second baseman and the right fielder. He fell off Park Min-woo’s glove, which he followed while stepping back. However, the first baseman couldn’t move a single step. He struck out No. 6 Kim Hwijip and No. 7 Lee Hyung-jong in a row.

After two outs in the third inning, he gave up a heavy hit to Dawson and struck out Kim Hye-sung. After one out in the fourth inning, the runner was sent out due to a defensive error, and the two batters were dealt with as a hit. Lim Byung-wook hit a fly ball to right field and Kim Hwijip struck out swinging. In the fifth inning, he finished with seven to nine batters.

The runner went to second base for the first time after one out in the sixth inning. Kim Hye-sung, who walked with a walk, succeeded in stealing second base. The crisis was quelled in an instant. With two outs and runners on second base, he struck out No. 4 Song Sung-moon. 80 pitches.

In the seventh inning, he finished the inning with two strikeouts and three outs. Heroes left-hander Ian McKinney, who had pitched well until the fifth inning without losing a point, hit a two-run home run by Park Kun-woo in the sixth inning.

Pedi is a strong candidate for the regular season MVP along with Hanwha Eagles’ home run hitter Noh Si-hwan. If we keep the pace now, I don’t think it will be difficult to win 20 games.

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