Online Casino Applications at Schleswig-Holstein

It has been almost a year since the new German state treaty on gambling came into force. But that doesn’t mean the license has already been issued. On the one hand, it’s because the specially created gambling regulator hasn’t started working yet, and on the other hand, federal states issue their own licenses. Some states have already issued licenses, while Schleswig-Holstein states have now begun to issue licenses.

Five days ago, the Ministry of Home Affairs began issuing licenses to online casinos. Basically, from now on, online gambling operators can submit applications. However, since this application includes a fee, we cannot estimate how many companies will apply. In addition, the Schleswig-Holstein government issues only four licenses.

It’s been revealed why there are four licenses: Each federal state can issue as many licenses for online casinos as there are in the federal state. Schleswig-Holstein has five casinos. Schleswig-Holstein has five casinos, so you can get five licenses. But after getting the license in the main draw, there are only four left. 온라인경마

However, it will take some time for the four online casino operators to enjoy their licenses. Schleswig-Holstein performs a rigorous and detailed verification process. How long it will take was not disclosed in the ministry’s press release. Instead, more details were released that would please both game companies and players: Licenses will be issued for 15 years. And more games are on offer.

A state treaty on German gambling prohibits online gambling providers from offering roulette. But why can Schleswig-Holstein’s gambling providers also offer roulette? This is because federal states are allowed to make their own laws. As a result, federal states can decide for themselves whether they can offer roulette even at online casinos. And this is why Schleswig-Holstein allows roulette. For players, that means they no longer have to visit local casinos.

In this context, let’s hope players no longer rely on illegal offers that are illegal. Without a legitimate roulette proposal, this risk still exists. As soon as the license is established, at least in Schleswig-Holstein’s case, players in the state can now at least be happy to play roulette online as well.

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