Park Soo-hong and other Hwang Ui-jo focus on criminal acts, not family issues, at victim’s press conference

According to police and others on the 22nd, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s cybercrime investigation team launched an arrest investigation into a woman A suspected of posting Hwang Ui-jo’s exposure to his personal life and threatening him.

In June, the woman A slanderously claimed that she was Hwang Ui-jo’s lover through social media. As evidence for this, he posted photos and videos of Hwang Ui-jo and women on social media, which shocked him greatly.

According to an exclusive report by KBS, the woman A is known as Hwang Ui-jo’s biological brother. He is known to have been involved in Hwang Ui-jo’s agency as a family member and closest aide.

The police are investigating the motive of the crime, including the distribution of the video and the reason for intimidation by his closest aide, Hyung-soo A. In addition, the investigation into Hwang Ui-jo’s alleged illegal filming continues.

According to a soccer official, Hwang Ui-jo previously called the police as a suspect on the 18th and attended, and several mobile phones were confiscated.

The police deny the allegations, saying that Hwang Ui-jo has never filmed illegally while conducting digital forensics. 토토사이트

Some have compared Hwang Ui-jo to broadcaster Park Su-hong’s case. He is on trial for embezzlement with his brother and wife. Park Soo-hong’s brother and his wife are accused of embezzling about 6.1 billion won through various methods for 10 years from 2011 to 2021.

In the trial, the brother-in-law and his wife only admitted to transferring the attorney’s appointment fee from the company’s account and whether they used some of the corporate cards personally, but denied other charges. As such, Hwang Ui-jo also drew attention to his family’s conflict, but the victim appeared and the essence of the incident was shown.

First, Lee Eun-ui, a lawyer who served as the victim’s legal representative, sued both the leaker and Hwang Ui-jo on the 21st. “The victim did not agree to Hwang Ui-jo’s original filming. “While being investigated for this incident, there were cases where I did not know that there was a shooting,” he said.

Then, according to a statement by Hwang Ui-jo’s legal representative, Dae-hwan, a law firm, on the 22nd, Hwang Ui-jo’s side, who is accused of illegally filming sex scenes with past lovers, refuted that the other woman also had a relationship after recognizing the filming. In the process, he even revealed some of his opponent’s personal information.

The victims held a press conference on the 23rd when Hwang Ui-jo’s refutation came out. At the meeting, lawyer Lee Eun-ui claimed that Hwang Ui-jo recognized that the video was filmed illegally through the transcript and Kakao Talk contents. In the disclosed content, there were conversations in which the circumstances could appear.

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