‘Runner-up regular’ Suwon Jeiljoong Kim Min-hee “a chance to gain more confidence”

Suwon Jeiljoong’s Kim Min-hee (165 cm, G) talks about her preparations for the Weekend League.

The 2024 Korea Basketball Weekend League began on June 15 with the qualifying rounds for each region. While the boys’ and girls’ divisions are in full swing, the girls’ and women’s divisions will begin in earnest in July.

Suwon First Middle School, which was placed in Group B alongside Dongsu Middle School, Ssungu Middle School, and Inseong Middle School, has been training daily in preparation for the weekend league. 사설 토토사이트 Captain Kim Min-hee, the only third-year player on the team, is also working hard to prepare for the final weekend league.

“We play a lot of practice games before the weekend league. We have joint training sessions with Hwaseocho and Vermalcho, and we are also playing practice games with our older sisters from Suwon Girls’ High School.”

This year, Suwon First Team has a total of seven players, including one junior, two sophomores, and four freshmen. Despite the small number of players, the team has shown its strength by finishing runner-up at the Spring Federation Games in March and the Federation Championships and Boys’ Championships in May. Kim Min-hee won the best player award at the Spring Federation Games and the Federation Championships.

“At the (March) Spring Federation Games, I played every single day,” Kim said. We lost in the final (49-74 to Sufia Girls’ Middle School) because we were physically exhausted. We couldn’t finish easy baskets due to lack of stamina, and our defense started to break down. Personally, I was disappointed that I didn’t play as much (due to lack of stamina) and that I didn’t do more bad things. I didn’t go out for the April Federation Championships to prepare for the Boys’ Championships,” he reflected.

“The qualifiers for the (May) Federation Championships were a little easier. We won the semifinals hard (76-52 against Onyang Girls’ Middle School), but we had a lot of injuries in that game, so we didn’t show our best game in the final. I also had an ankle ligament injury and couldn’t play as well as I wanted to,” she said, referring to her last presidency of the federation.

Kim Min-hee said he is in good shape for training. When asked about his strengths and weaknesses, he said, “I’m confident in my movement without the ball. I’m also active in rebounding for my height. However, I’m not very fast, and I’m working on training to compensate for that and to make my offensive finishing more reliable.”

She added, “Coach (Lee) Eun-young tells me to be more confident when I attack. On defense, she wants me to put more pressure on my opponent, and she teaches me defensive moves that can cause mistakes against people who are bigger than me.”

Finally, Kim said, “I have to run around more than other players because I’m not very tall. I will use this weekend’s league as an opportunity to gain more confidence. I will try to improve my shooting percentage and be more aggressive to show what I have been working on.”

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