Stefan Milanov Banned Tennis Betting and Fines

As officially announced by the International Tennis Agency, Bulgarian referee Stefan Milanov was suspended for six months. In addition, $10,000 in fines, $5,000 of which were suspended. This is the result of a harsh condemnation of this judge.

The ban comes on the heels of recent allegations that he has placed multiple bets on various tennis matches, even those he officiated at. According to the tennis anti-corruption program’s rules, it is strictly prohibited.

Milanov’s suspension began on November 15 last month and is due on May 14 next year. The chair of the umpire may not officiate or attend major tennis matches subject to permission or sanctions from the tennis authorities. 경마사이트

Milanov himself admitted to breaking two other laws regulated by section D.1.a of the 2022 anti-corruption program: “No ward may directly or indirectly bet on the outcome or other aspects of any match or other tennis match.”

This is not the first Bulgarian to commit some kind of violation in tennis. A similar thing happened in 2020 when the tennis integration unit fined and suspended two brothers, Karen and Yuri Kakhtranyan. They broke the law by fixing several games to win the prize money. Exactly from 2017 to 2019, the Bulgarian duo fixed five games.

Karen Kachatryan was permanently banned from tennis and fined $250,000 for his crimes.

His brother Yuri Khachatrian was charged with “corrupt access to a fellow professional player” and other sports betting, which resulted in a $50,000 fine and a decade-long ban from playing.

This kind of violation is not limited to the tennis world. Last month, the famous English soccer player Ivan Toney was criticized for his inappropriate behavior when it came to betting rules in sports. Soccer players are not allowed to bet on a soccer game or have someone do it on their behalf. And Tony did just that, breaking the law 232 times between February 2012 and January 2021.

The International Tennis Federation has established the International Tennis Integrity Organization to protect the safety and integrity of professional tennis worldwide, and its mission is to promote, encourage, and improve all aspects of professional tennis ethics and integrity.

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