Dutch court rules two online casinos to refund €217,000 to gamblers

A court ruled that Unibet and its undisclosed online casinos should refund money to gamblers who suffered significant losses during casino operations before October 2021, according to an NL Times report. The court’s decision was based on the fact that online gambling was not legal at the time, and the plaintiffs reportedly argued that their respective losses were therefore illegal.

For this reason, Malta-based gambling operator Unibet is ordered to reimburse one player €93,000, and anonymous online casinos are required to refund €124,000 to another player. Neither company has responded to court subpoenas, as reported, and has taken any action to present a lawyer. For this reason, the ruling against Unibet was made in the absence of the defendant, but the other ruling referred to a company that did not give details of the legal personality of the company, but it was nevertheless reported that a legitimate amount should be reimbursed. 슬롯머신

Cases referring to money lost in online gambling before October 2021 mean that these judgments can be cited in each lawsuit, but the lawyer also points out that cases without arguments have less legal weight than those in which arguments were filed. At the same time, Malta, as a Unibet resident, has already passed legislation that would allow gambling companies to reject cash-back claims filed by gamblers in other countries.

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