The ace of the Klinsman team is Lee Kang-in as expected, and you have to be careful of the opponent’s harsh checks

Led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, the South Korean national team beat Iraq 1-0 on Tuesday (Korea time) by banking on Lee Jae-sung’s winning goal in an exhibition match at New York University Stadium in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. Korea successfully completed its final mock test, raising expectations for the Asian Cup. Korea is aiming to win the Asian Cup for the first time in 64 years. 카지노사이트 순위

In the match against Iraq, Klinsman introduced Plan B. Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur), Lee Kang-in, Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton) and Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich) sat in the bench. Instead, the team picked Lee Jae-sung, Hong Hyun-suk (Hent), and Jung Woo-young (Suitgart). As the combination was unfamiliar, they did not match well in the beginning. He took the lead in the middle of the first half, but did not show the cool performance he showed in the previous warm-up match. His only income was Lee Jae-seong’s thunderous mid-range shot just before the end of the first half.

In the second half, Klinsman deployed all of his best resources. Son Heung-min, Lee Kang-in, Hwang Hee-chan, Kim Min-jae, and Cho Kyu-sung (Mitwillan) were deployed. The atmosphere was definitely different. When his best resources stepped up, he tormented Iraq with his heavy movements. The key was Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in, who played as a right midfielder, led the attack with his signature footwork and accurate pass. In the set piece, he also drew shots from strikers by showing sharp kicks. Of course, he was not 100% in condition, but his touch was not as good as usual not long after his team played the match. Nevertheless, the sharpest player on the day was Lee Kang-in.

The highlight was the 20th minute of the second half. Lee Kang-in’s Son Heung-min combination flashed. Lee Kang-in’s amazing through pass was connected to Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min grabbed it at explosive speed and confronted the goalkeeper. Son Heung-min beat the goalkeeper, but he tripped over his fingertips. But the referee did not declare a penalty. Son Heung-min hit the ground. It was even more regrettable because there was a clear touch in the slow scene. Son Heung-min’s movement was good, but Lee Kang-in’s pass was definitely shining.

Lee Kang-in led South Korea’s attack with sharp movements throughout the second half. South Korea has exploded 20 goals in the last six A matches, including against Iraq, with Lee Kang-in at the center. Manager Klinsmann is enjoying the game with soccer, which has made the most of the players’ autonomy after overcoming the early transition period, and he also saved Lee Kang-in’s play. Manager Klinsmann is actively utilizing the strengths of other players, and Lee Kang-in seems to benefit the most. Lee Kang-in, who shines the most when he plays freely, is flying far. When Lee Kang-in bursts, Korea’s attack is also reviving. The same was true of the match against Iraq on the same day.

As Lee Kang-in’s performance grows as much as Son Heung-min’s, the opponent’s guard is also growing. In the second half of the day, Lee Kang-in was stopped and sent off. It is highly likely that Lee Kang-in will continue to be in check throughout this tournament. It is important to pass this part well. If it is dried like this day, it is a fatal blow to Lee Kang-in person and Korean soccer. In that sense, I took good medicine in the warm-up match on this day. We need to play more leisurely. Regardless of what anyone says, the ace of the Clinsman team is Lee Kang-in.

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