The Latest Shopping Experience In Las Vegas Thousands of rose petals poured on more than 8,000 visitors throughout the grand opening of the desert aisle

With sparkling domes and towers reminiscent of the romantic cities of Tangier, Bombay, Fez, and Casablanca, guests walked through the 500,000-square-foot market with hand-painted desert skies motifs and were fully immersed in the scenery, sounds, scents, and scenes of ancient spice routes to the sound of Moroccan rhythms.

The desert walkway surrounds the new Aladdin Resort & Casino, which opened on Aug. 17. It has more than 130 retail stores as well as 16 restaurants and nightclubs. It also has a 7,000-seat performing arts theater where top celebrities can perform. And it’s right across from Bellagio and next to Paris on Las Vegas Streep.

“The turnout was staggering, the energy was huge,” said Lee H. Wagman, president of Trickehan Development Co., a producer of Desert Passage. “I couldn’t have hoped for such a spectacular event.”

Besides exotic artists and performers such as henna body paint, gna and musicians, and dancers from their native Morocco and India directly, the festivals included the first opportunity for customers to shop and dine at some of the destinations’ global stores and restaurants.

Retailers have given a rare glimpse of this fascinating world’s attractive markets and streets in their meticulous and unusual store designs. 온라인카지노

Providing a grand presentation on what guests can enjoy every day of the year, the unveiling of Desert Passage was packed with exotic dances, music, artistry, and colorful views of the world’s most provocative and picturesque market cities. The festivities included the baptism of 155′ trans steamships moored in the merchant harbor of destination and real showers of intermittent rain from the bow.

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