The only player who was criticized more than Bissouma for being sent off

Tottenham ranked first in the English Premier League (EPL). Tottenham won 1-0 against Luton Town in the eighth round of the EPL 2023-24 season at Kenilworth Road Stadium on the 7th.

Tottenham rode a rollercoaster. Yves Bissouma’s exit in the extra time of the first half put him in a numerical inferiority and faced a crisis. However, he didn’t lose his concentration, and Mickey van der Penn, who received James Medicine’s pass in the seventh minute of the second half, scored the first winning goal. The victory was up to Tottenham.

Tottenham, which continued its unbeaten run with the victory, ranked first in the league with six wins and two draws and 20 points. He has risen to the top of the list, surpassing Manchester City (18 points), which has played one less game. Manchester City have eight rounds against Arsenal. Tottenham has a good chance of maintaining the top spot in the league.

Amazing win, amazing rise. Tottenham fans are smiling. However, he is frowning at one player.

Hishalisson is the only player who is being criticized more than the non-horse who was sent off in this game. 스포츠토토

Hishalisson started on the left wing. He faced two crucial chances early in the first half. It was an opportunity for Tottenham to easily play the game with an early first goal. He had two chances in the third and fourth minutes of the first half. However, Hishalisson’s shots all failed to break the net. Tottenham had to hit the ground.

Hishal Song, who had been sluggish, was replaced at the start of the second half. The rating was also the worst after the game. Britain’s BBC gave Hishalisson a 5.66 rating. It is Tottenham’s second lowest score from the back. The lowest score was 4.89 for Bissouma, who was sent off. In other words, it was the most sluggish among the players who were not sent off.

Tottenham fans did not stand still. He criticized Hishal Song for making the worst mistake ever. England’s “Daily Star” reported Tottenham fans’ reactions from Tottenham fans.

The media outlet said, “Tottenham fans are angry. He criticized Hishal Song for making the worst mistake ever. Tottenham had two opening goals against Luton Town, but Hishalisson shocked them all. Hishalisson missed two crucial chances early in the game. “It was a move that broke the belief of coach Enze Postecoglou,” he explained.

In fact, Tottenham fans responded with anger, such as “Hischalisson is really shocking,” “My God, Hischalisson,” “What on earth is wrong with Hischalisson?” and “Hischalisson’s movement is really embarrassing.”

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