“The sun’s coast to steroids.”

Walking along the South Coast, which is under construction, Mike Cohen Jr. reflected on the past 17 months of construction on Monday as he toured a large $600 million facility at the southern end of Las Vegas Boulevard. The property’s opening is at least four months away and more than 2,000 construction workers are struggling to meet the deadline.

The unusually humid winter in southern Nevada has delayed construction schedules somewhat, said Gaughan, vice president and general manager of the South Coast. Spray-painted contours on bare concrete floors that will become an 80,000-square-foot casino on the South Coast depict the planned location of the main gaming area, a blackjack table, and most of the expected 2,400 slot machines. By the end of the week, carpets will cover much of the marked area. 메이저 토토사이트

Interior design workers still have months to complete the dining room, gaming space, 150,000 square feet of convention space, and other amenities. The 25-story hotel tower features up to 10 stories of furniture and interior finishing touches, such as wallpaper and painting, up. Meanwhile, 4,500 horse riding and event centers, a representative attraction on the southern coast, will not be able to have roofs until November.

Still, Gaughan said the South Coast is ready to dump its welcome mat to a casino-poor customer base that stretches throughout the Las Vegas Valley’s southern tip communities, including Anthem, the Southern Highlands and Silverado Ranch, shortly after Jan. 1. “This project is at about the same time we thought we would be doing it at this time,” said Goh during the hour-long South Coast media tour. “What’s amazing is that you can leave for a day or two, and you notice that a lot has changed in a very short time.”

He said customers in other coastal areas such as Sun Coast, The Orleans and Gold Coast will find many similarities. The casino layout on the South Coast somewhat reflects the sun cost, with only a much larger footprint. “We’re telling everyone that it’s like the Sun Coast,” Gaughan said, “but it’s the Sun Coast for steroids.”

A noticeable change is the location of the casino’s 16 screen cinema, which has been moved to the second floor of the south coast, adjacent to the 64-lane bowling alley and daycare center. “We wanted to give our customers a little bit of a safe haven,” Gaughan said. Gordon, whose father Jackie Gaughan founded the Coast Casino, which became a division of Boyd Gaming Corp. last year, said he learned a lot about building a casino hotel since he first built the Gold Coast on West Flamingo Road in 1986.

The southern coast will open with 600 rooms. The second 700-room tower under construction will open by May. A third tower with more than 2,000 rooms is also planned. The South Coast site is 60 acres and the property has 6,000 parking spaces. “We’re going to have a strong attraction in the tourism market because of our location, but we expect to do a lot of marketing to our local casino customers,” Gaughan said. “We have a very strong built-in customer base right around us.”

The south coast is also expected to attract customers from several time-divisions and non-gaming properties nearby. The biggest attraction will come from horse riding grounds, Gaughan said. The first event is planned for February, and 13 horse riding events are scheduled. Tim Ranier, general manager of the equestrian center, said many events have complementary trade fairs with access to conference space on the South Coast and large follow-up events to fill the hotel’s rooms. Lanier said the equestrian center can be used for other sporting events or large conferences.

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