Types of Martial Arts in Vietnam

Vietnamese Martial Arts is the creation of the art was inspired by some of the more ancient Vietnamese fighting techniques that tie in with Kung Fu. The art combines a variety of moves and is mostly based around striking and weapons. Along with martial arts philosophies and health maintenance techniques, Vovinam provides a system of martial arts techniques that encompasses various forms of self-defense that are very effective in real life combat. Vietnamese Martial Arts also works out inner energy and also known as Vovinam, Quyen, self-defense, breakings, traditional weapons such as knives, swords, halberd, long staff, etc. Techniques of attack, self-defense, counter-attack which are learned with a partner. Quyen is the equivalent of Kata in Karate, Pomsee in Taekwondo and Tao in Kung Fu. Each Quyen reflects a technical framework, a teaching of strategy, a spiritual training as well as a message of wisdom. The Quyen constitute a method of martial art, at the same time the most elementary and the most subtle. Here are the summary descriptions of some Quyen’s because it is important not to forget the philosophy of each Quyen in order to be able to imbibe it by performing it. 경마사이트

Also called as “The Initiation Gate”. The practitioners demonstrate their mastery of the basic techniques, chem-sword of the hand, dam-punch, gat-parries, cho -elbows, da -kicks, while moving in a space limited by a square. Learn to locate oneself in space by circular movements.

Illustrating the first 10 Luoc Dogs or the attack sequences executed in the order 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 then 2,4,6,8,10. The rhythm should be very fast during the loc dog and more harmonious during the intermediate phases.
At the end of the quyen, return to its initial position. Thap tu Quyen is also called as the The ten secret letters.

Quyen of the four pillars. In this Quyen, the practitioner defends himself against attacks with the feet or fists using level 1 defense techniques. Blocking techniques must be performed very effectively. Know how to distinguish between acceleration and deceleration phases.

Illustrating a fight between the tiger and the dragon. Learn to use and differentiate between tiger and dragon attack techniques.

The Chien Luoc being more difficult, you have to keep a good stability.
even if the execution of the sequences must be fast. Master the Chien Luoc from 11 to 20.
It is necessary to remember the principles and origins of quyen. If the quyen approaches an animal , one must blend in with the characteristics of this one. If the quyen is focused on blocking techniques , one must execute the blocks very quickly, show that they are mastered and decelerate during the intermediate phases. It is important to know the meaning of each movement made while learning the adaptations of attacks when facing an opponent.

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