‘Wow, to dwarf a giant Ohtani…’ Ohtani physically overwhelmed man, who the hell is it?

The Japanese media outlet The Answer reported on Tuesday that Otani and 23-year-old minor leaguer`s two shots are drawing attention. The photo is taken at the clubhouse of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Williams posted the photo on her social networking service (SNS) on Thursday. Both Ohtani and Williams showed off their superior physical skills while staring into the camera. 토토사이트 순위

What stands out is the difference in physique between the two. Despite being an Asian, Otani never loses ground compared to Western players. He is 193 centimeters tall and weighs 95.3 kilograms. Another protagonist in the photo boasts a taller height than Otani. According to the U.S. media outlet Baseball Reference, Kendall Williams is 198 centimeters tall, five centimeters taller than Otani. Even looking at the photo, I can clearly feel his height is taller than Otani. In addition, he weighs 92 kilograms, which is less than Otani. U.S. baseball fans showed keen interest in him, saying, “He makes Shohei Otani look smaller.”

Kendall Williams was born on Aug. 24, 2000, and was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the second round in the 2019 Major League Amateur Draft. He started 69 of 79 games in the minor league, winning 12-17, and marking an ERA of 4.13. He is currently playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Double-A team Tulsa. He recorded a career-high 1.32 WHIP (the number of on-base hits per inning) with 41 homers, 127 walks, and 282 strikeouts in 318 innings in the minor league.

On the other hand, Japanese fans who heard the news said, “Otani’s locker room No. 17 is near the end of the wall,” and “Otani’s water bottle (bottom right of the photo) is visible. Is there a hot drink inside because of the cold weather?” and “He changed it to a new one instead of the water bottle he used in the past.”

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