Yeom Ki-hoon, the club legend, was also shabby at the end.

Suwon club said in September, “We decided to replace manager Kim Byung-soo and finish this season under the acting manager Yeom Ki-hoon.”

Yeom Ki-hoon is a “living legend” of Suwon. After moving to Suwon in 2010, he played only for Suwon for 13 years, excluding his mandatory military service. He played 332 games and recorded 49 goals and 87 assists as a member of Suwon’s uniform. In most records, including most appearances in clubs and most attack points, Yeom ranked highest.

As he entered his 40s, he considered retirement at the end of last season but withdrew it due to his club’s dissuasion. The club also decided to let him go, hoping that he would retire in a better way. This season, he changed his position to a playing coach and prepared for his leadership course. As a player, he played three games this season as well.

After taking over as acting coach, Yeom Ki-hoon said through his club, “As I know what to do with Suwon for a long time to improve the team, I will not give up until the end and do my best to escape from the relegation,” adding, “I asked the players, ‘You can’t achieve it alone. Let’s all help each other and see one goal and run. I will forget about the past and think about running from today onwards.” 메이저 토토사이트

Was it through Yeom Ki-hoon’s sincerity? After Yeom Ki-hoon took over as acting coach, the team started to change. He created a stable defense line through the four-back line, and his team started to show results little by little. Immediately after taking office, he accumulated points with three wins, one draw and two losses in six games, and is on the verge of escaping to the bottom.

However, as he failed to make a point in the final game, he faced his first demotion. After the game, Yeom shed tears in front of his fans. The wish of the club and its fans for Yeom’s stellar retirement did not come true.

“When I first came here, there were a lot of famous players and I had a lot of budget,” Yeom said at a press conference after the game. However, his team is now incomparably inferior to the others. “Players are still working hard, but I wish they had a better team with a better name. Still, I think our players did their best.”

“I have no regrets (about acting as an acting coach). It was only a short period of time, but I was grateful that the players were trying so hard. The reason for my acceptance was also clear. I also hoped that I would be of some help to the club,” he said. “I came to this situation because I was not good enough, but I wanted to do something for the team. I will never forget the players who worked hard. It’s a tough situation, but I believe that they will get back on their feet and return to the K-League 1, so I hope they cheer me up.”

“I was going to retire last year, but I was a playing coach, but I always had no regrets about my decision. I did my best at Suwon. Many people say it was a bad choice, but I have done my best. Although I retire amid bad circumstances, I will continue to love and support Suwon more. I will help what I can do to make things work for me and support them from afar,” he said in expressing his affection to his club.

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