4 years ago, ‘Randy Crash’ Bulthuis, properly ‘sliding’ in Suwon… ‘Suwon grass is wet, so accident-free ceremony is possible’

Suwon won 1-0 thanks to Bultuis’ winning goal in the 27th round of the Hana One-Q K League 1 2023 against Jeju United at 7:30 p.m. on the 18th at Suwon World Cup Stadium. Suwon won its second home win. 바카라사이트넷

Suwon’s unbeaten streak for a month in July subsided due to Suwon Derby’s defeat shortly after the break, but it scored three points in the last Jeonbuk Hyundai away game, bringing Gangwon, which did not play in the 27th round, to the bottom (3 wins, 11 draws, 12 losses, 20 points), and 11th (4 wins, 8 draws, 15 losses, 20 points. Bultuis, who was put in place of Park Dae-won, who suffered a minor injury in the 36th minute of the second half, connected Lee Ki-je’s corner kick with a header in the 39th minute of the second half to win.

“It was a difficult game for both teams,” Bultuis said in an interview with Su Hoon after the match. We played well, but we didn’t finish well. We were lucky to win, but it’s important to win and take three points. It doesn’t matter how you win. “Three points are more important than anything else, and I will focus on the next game,” he said. Head coach Kim praised Bultuis’ header score, describing it as “the most beautiful header goal I’ve ever seen.” When he delivered this, Bulthuis smiled brightly and said, “I was lucky to score. Because I only ran for 10 minutes. “I was lucky enough to score the winning goal,” he said.

“I feel it’s a good signal. I felt again that I showed my quality and helped the team while trying. I feel like something suddenly gave me a lot of strength. The team is doing better and I want to continue this flow and overcome the difficult situation. I’ve been having a hard time for a year and a half. I’m not the only one who’s having a hard time. “Everyone is having a very hard time at this big club,” he said. Bultuis has scored in all clubs, but this is the first goal he scored in his second year in Suwon. It is also the first league goal in two years after scoring three points in Ulsan in the 2021 season.

Bultuis said, “My family and friends teased me about why I couldn’t score for a year and a half. I think I was too focused on scoring for a year and a half. Looking back, I really wanted to score. I couldn’t score in Suwon clothes. Only scored today. The goal comes out naturally. I didn’t think about scoring today, but I put it in. “I still have the season left, so I want to score more goals like today,” he said. Four years ago, during the league’s 37th round showdown between Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai in the 2019 season, Bultuis scored an equalizer and tripped over the grass while performing a knee sliding ceremony. Four years have passed, but the ceremony is still walking around on social networking services (SNS) to make fans laugh.

Bultuis changed back to Suwon uniform for the first time in four years, succeeded in scoring, and updated the knee sliding ceremony on the grass. When asked if he could remember four years ago during the ceremony, Bultuis said, “As soon as I scored, I immediately thought of it. I wanted to do the ceremony again. It was four years ago and the “GIF” went around on Instagram. Fans sent a message to score again and give a ceremony, he said. “As soon as I scored a goal, I always thought of this ceremony. “The grass was well wet today, so I was able to have a ceremony without an accident,” he said.

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