“Are you losing hair? What’s wrong with your hair?”Fans’ mockery → Salah, who was hurt, eventually got a haircut and changed her style

British media ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 8th (Korea Standard Time) that “Sala showed a smart appearance of trimming her new hair and beard ahead of the Africa Cup of Nations match against Egypt.”

Liverpool beat Newcastle 4-2 in the 20th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2023/24 season at Anfield in Liverpool, England, on the 2nd (Korea time). In the match, Salah made a mistake in PK. However, some fans were more interested in Salah’s hairline than his mistake. 슬롯머신

Salah’s disheveled and long hair was droopy in the humid weather. Pictures of his hair soon spread on social media, as fans compared him to the popular style of The Simpsons character, Side Show Bob.

One Twitter user wrote, “Sala’s hairline is cruel. Salah’s hairline is cooked.” Others commented, “Sala’s hair condition in the rain. Wow.” Another user added, “Sala’s hairstyle is awesome.”

Eventually, Salah cut his hair. The Egypt national team trained ahead of the tournament by posting a message on Twitter, showing off a photo of Salah with his new look. A fan from Liverpool responded to the photo, saying, “With that new hairstyle, he’s five years younger. Good luck with that.” One fan from Liverpool posted, “I’m sure he saw a meme about his hairstyle that came after the Newcastle game.”

Salah is currently out of the squad for the Africa Cup of Nations. As the Cup of Nations runs until the final match on Feb. 11, there is a chance that Salah will miss four Premier League matches against Egypt – Bournemouth (Jan. 21), Chelsea Home (Jan. 31), Arsenal (Feb. 4), and Burnley Home (Feb. 10).

He will also miss the FA Cup, and if Liverpool progresses to the top round in the FA Cup, he will miss a fourth-round match at the tournament on the weekend of Jan. 27. As well as the five confirmed matches, Salah will miss both of his Carabao Cup semi-finals against Fulham.

The earliest he can play for Liverpool again will be against Chelsea. However, doing so requires Egypt to be eliminated from the group stage, which seems unlikely. And Liverpool also lost another player when Endo Wataru joined Japan for the Asian Cup around the same time ahead of January and February. Endo, the Japanese captain, will be in the squad to face Newcastle in the new year before departing for Qatar. The Asian Cup similarly begins on Jan. 12 and ends on Feb. 10.

Klopp joked about their absence. Klopp said, “If I were to say good luck to them, that would be a lie. Hopefully they will be eliminated from the group stage. But it’s not likely. Good luck and hope they come back healthy. I’m sure our team will find their replacement. But we have to show that we can do this.”

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