Assuming a so-called clearing plan sanctioned by a Bermuda court by this Wednesday the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s removal of shares in Macau casino investor Kingston Financial Group could take place from 9 a.m. on February 27.

Kingston Financial provided an update in Monday’s filing. The group is interested in Taifa’s Casino Grandview, a satellite operation under SJM Holdings’ casino concession system, and Casino Casa Real on the city’s peninsula. The two properties are among Macau satellites to offer games for the time being under the new concession system, which began on Jan. 1.

In October, Kingston Financial’s controlling shareholder offered investors HK$0.30 ($0.03824) per share and proposed taking the company private. Trading in Kingston Financial’s shares was suspended on Feb. 10. 파칭코사이트인포

The latest date for sending a check to plan shareholders to pay the cancellation price is Friday, March 3, or earlier, according to Monday’s filing.

The proposer is Active Dynamic Inc., a British Virgin Islands company wholly owned by Kingston Financial’s chief executive and co-founder Pollyanna Chouewa. She is also a controlling shareholder of Kingston Financial, and according to previous filings, her stake in the company is just over 74.6%.

Ms Chu is acting in partnership with other shareholders, controlling a combined 74.93% stake in Kingston Financial.

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