Botswana Government Enjoys Increased Casino Revenue

The small African country of Botswana, at least in the casino industry, is not feeling the pinch of recession. The Casino Control Board released its annual report in April, with casino revenues reaching an all-time high in 2008.

Casino revenues increased by 51% and the government’s share increased by 28%. In fact, there has only been one case of reduced government charges, but the report attributes this to the casino’s neglect to collect admission fees.

Moonlight Casino at the Gaboren Hotel has increased by 209% compared to 2007, the second year of operation.

Gabonne Sun Casino’s sales were up 63% year over year, with total sales of P60,915,225, leading the way in 2008.

The second-highest revenue generator was Grand Farm Casino, which grew 47%, with a 25% increase in government levies. 온라인카지노

Other casinos included in the report were Marang Casino (up 65%), Sediveng Casino (up 9%), Menateng Casino (up 26%), Syringa Casino (up 6%), Lechash Casino (up 67%), and Kings Casino (up 26%).

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