Caesars Entertainment’s Las Vegas Strip approved the terms of a new five-year contract

Caesars Entertainment’s Las Vegas Strip and downtown property unionists approved the terms of a new five-year contract on Thursday, ending months of negotiations that in another case could have ended in a strike by employees across the city.

Details of the terms of the new contract have not been disclosed, but special terms have been found to include wage increases and protecting employees in case their properties are sold to other companies. The contract also addresses the sexual harassment of disgraced casino boss Steve Wynne on a number of alleged misconduct at work.

Under the new contract terms between workers and employers, room attendants will be provided with wireless devices to inform security that they feel threatened within an appropriate time frame. Employees have called for increased security at the workplace after a lone gunman opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay in October last year, killing 59 people and injuring more than 500. 경마사이트프로

The new contract includes not only beneficiaries of child arrival delay measures, but also languages that protect immigrants temporarily residing and working in the United States under special protection. The special measure was negotiated after U.S. President Donald Trump announced that he would nullify the DACA immigration policy pursued by the Obama administration.

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