Cha Bum-keun won Football Award

Park Ji-sung, chairman of the JS Foundation, spoke at the 11th event of the “Sharing Warm Love” donation ceremony held at the WI Convention Center at Suwon World Cup Stadium in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, on the morning of December 29.

After the donation delivery ceremony in 2019, only donations were delivered to the students with COVID-19 for two years, but offline events were held for the first time in three years this year.

Park Ji-sung’s father, Chairman Park Sung-jong, former national soccer team coach Cha Bum-keun, and former national soccer team coach Lee Hoi-taek attended the event.

Chairman Park Ji-sung began to say, “I was sorry that I couldn’t meet you for the past few years, but I’m happy to meet you in person this year.”

Lee Seo said, “It is thanks to director Cha Bum-keun that we can continue this event. I also developed my dream by receiving the Cha Bum-keun soccer award and it became an opportunity to try hard. Even now, many soccer players get dreams and hopes with Cha Bum-keun’s soccer award. I would love it if many students grow up and succeed through these events, but even if they don’t, I hope it will have a good impact on this society,” he said. 바카라사이트넷

Park Ji-sung presented scholarships and gifts to a total of 24 students who grew up in various sports and fields such as basketball, judo, track and field, handball, table tennis and golf as well as soccer. Chairman Park Ji-sung is taking a commemorative photo with the winners.

Park Ji-sung said, “It reminds me of my childhood. I also remember how I felt when I received the Cha Bum-keun soccer award. At that time, I tried to achieve my dream of becoming a soccer player, but I was motivated by the award and I was very confident that I could do it. I was happy thinking that the students who came today would have felt that way, he said shyly and smiled. Park Ji-sung was also seen signing autographs and taking commemorative photos to the winners after the event.

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