“Coach Dae-dong” to shake up the K-League situation in 2024

5 out of 12 teams change coaches. Usually, replacement when there is high performance pressure in the middle of the season. While “Kim Ki Dong’s FC Seoul” is drawing high expectations Suwon Samsung, which was demoted to the second division, is concerned

It is no exaggeration to say that this year’s K-League, which has been in a turbulent year due to fierce competition for advancement and promotion, is the grave of coaches. Managers usually resign even before completing their two-year terms, and they had to pack their bags if their performance was poor even during the season. Their impact will likely have a significant impact on the K-League situation in 2024. 스포츠토토

According to the Korea Professional Football Federation on Monday, five out of 12 K-League first division coaches have been replaced this year. In other words, about half of them packed their bags.

First of all, when Pohang head coach Kim Ki-dong moved to FC Seoul, Pohang one-club man Park Tae-ha took charge of Pohang, and Jeju, which was converted to acting coach Jeong Jo-guk after Nam Ki-il’s resignation, signed a contract with head coach Kim Hak-beom. Suwon FC, which was on the verge of relegation this season, appointed Kim Eun-joong, the former U-20 representative, to the position where head coach Kim Do-kyun left for Seoul E in the second division. Suwon Samsung, which suffered its first relegation since its foundation, replaced its coach three times during the season alone, including Lee Byung-geun, Kim Byung-soo, and Yeom Ki-hoon.

The promotion and transfer of coaches is largely due to the promotion and transfer system. Up to a quarter of the teams in the top-tier Futures League are on the verge of being demoted every season, and in reality, the team cannot afford to relax from the 7th place in the Final B group. “The promotion and transfer system has helped the performance of the team as fans’ immersion, interest, and concentration in the game have increased, but middle and lower-tier teams are inevitably bleeding,” said Jang Ji-hyun, a sports commentator. “If the team loses pace or is pushed to the top 10 during the season, the team will become more active in replacing the coach.” Since 2013, when the promotion and transfer system was introduced in the K-League, a total of 60 teams have been switched to the acting coach system during the season. In terms of monthly performance, most teams were in August (13 times) and September (11 times), the middle of the season when the pressure on their performances is mounting.

Changes in the K League in 2024, Attention is focused on ‘Kim Ki-dong’s FC Seoul.’

Experts predict that the “Great Migration,” which took place this season, will have a significant impact on the K-League situation in 2024. This is because the coach has authority over selecting players, tactics and strategies. Among them, FC Seoul under Coach Kim Ki-dong is definitely drawing the most attention. Coach Kim Ki-dong, who led Pohang for five years from 2019, elevated its ranking from fourth in the 2019 season to second in the 2023 season. He is considered by far the best coach in the K-League due to his excellent tactical skills as well as young promising players with a small budget.

This is why FC Seoul chose him, which has been unable to use its strength for several years despite having solid finances and leading players. “Coach Kim is a person who can show flexibility according to the team’s situation by finding solutions that fit the situation and digging into the weaknesses of the opposing team rather than sticking to specific tactics,” commentator Han Joon-hee said.

Coach Kim Ki-dong is already accelerating the process of reorganizing his team. Expressing regret over FC Seoul’s offense and defense when he was inaugurated, he fully recruited striker Willian (Brazilian), who was on loan, and chose to break up with defender Osmar (Spain). Another key issue is whether Ki Sung-yueng, who is considering retirement from pro baseball, and whether to renew contract with Palosevic, who played in the midfielder league last season.

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