Come On Group Renews Sponsorship Deal With Sliema Aquatic Sports Club, Sliema Wanderers FC

Award-winning iGaming operator Come On Group has announced it is renewing its sponsorship partnership with Malta-based sports clubs Sliema Aquatic Sports Club and Sliema Wanderers FC. Sponsorship is a way for the group to continue to support areas close to its headquarters located in Malta. Come on Group and both clubs are currently working on another year of success and exciting projects to further solidify the partnership for the benefit of the community.

Sponsorship began through a launch video last year as a way for Come on and the two clubs to show mutual cultural suitability and foster a sense of community through sports. 온라인경마

Daniela Vella, chief operating officer of ComeOn Group, said, “Sliema is very close to being the first place in our office, and even though we’re a few meters up from the water, we’ve found a path to synergy and success with both teams. Both teams fit well with our values, especially the Run Together The Group, which is also focused on giving back to communities where CSR strategies are key and strategic pillars and where sports play an important role in developing teamwork and leadership skills.”

Ranked high by EGR Power 50, ComeOn Group is the island’s Phase 1 operator, headquartered in a modern office facility in Spinola Park. ComeOn Group has more than 560 employees across 53 nationalities worldwide, with Malta being the largest nationality employee in its headquarters. The ComeOn Group has been on the island for more than 13 years, employing more than 250 people, with 50% of its workforce being female, further anchoring their presence and commitment to Malta.

Come on Group is working hard to maintain its award-winning culture, and the company is constantly developing what is most important to its employees: employee strategies to keep people alive. An important way to do Come On is a wide range of employee support programs that offer help when employees are going through tough times. The program is part of Come on’s most important CSR strategy, focusing on mental health and well-being. Another important part of Come On’s EAP is the well-being allowance that employees can spend each year on activities to improve overall physical and mental health.

For Come On and both teams, sports and active lifestyles are important for continuous partnership as they go hand in hand with promoting mental health and wellbeing.

Frank Testa, president of Sliema ASC, added. “We are extremely pleased and grateful that we have resumed working with the ComeOn group. Without the involvement of such organisations, it would be impossible for clubs like us to continue to work to achieve our goals. We are excited to continue our journey with ComeOn as we enter a new era with great prospects.”

Rupert Perry, president of Sliema Wanderers FC, said, “We are very grateful for the constant support of our valued sponsor. ComeOn’s commitment to our mission was critical to our success. As we look to the future, we are excited to continue this journey together, creating lasting impact and achieving new highest levels.”

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