Confirmation of the timing of the application of the KBO League and Futures League in the 2024 season of various systems

The operation of the pitch clock, which is being introduced for speed-up of the game, will be applied to the Futures League from the first half, and the KBO League will decide whether to apply it from the second half after a trial operation in the first half. This is a measure to minimize confusion and ensure smooth game progress by giving players enough time to adapt to the application of the pitch clock in actual games. Accordingly, the company plans to complete the installation of related equipment at each stadium in February and prepare for it step by step through the training of the time source.

The expansion of the base size will be introduced from the first half of both the KBO League and the Futures League, and the installation of new bases in each stadium will be completed in February. As a result, it is expected that it will be able to show more dynamic play as the number of injuries to players decreases and attempts to steal bases increase.

Restrictions on defensive shifts will also be applied to the KBO League and Futures League from the first half to induce more aggressive plays and promote strengthening defense capabilities. 파친코

The pitcher’s three-hitter opponent system will be applied only to the Futures League first, and then it will be decided whether to introduce the KBO League in the future based on the results of the pilot operation.

The introduction of the KBO League will be discussed again after considering the field opinions as well as the overtime match, which has been in effect in the Futures League since 2022. This decision was made in consideration of the urgency of each system due to the rapid changes in the system this season.

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