“Doncic, I’m breaking all my records”. Nowitzki’s admiration

Doncic’s performance makes seniors laugh, too. The Dallas Mavericks won 111-92 against the Miami Heat in the 2023-2024 NBA regular season at Miami’s Kaseya Center on the 11th (Korea Standard Time).

Ace Luka Doncic made it to his name. Doncic scored 29 points, including four three-point shots, on the day. His field goal success rate was 39.1 percent (9/23). However, he had a profound influence on the game by adding nine rebounds and assists each.

Dallas, which won sweetly thanks to Doncic’s performance, took the lead in winning 50 games and moved one step closer to confirming the fifth seed in the Western Conference.

Doncic’s overwhelming performance has continued this season. He is showing off his MVP-like presence this season with an average of 33.9 points, 9.2 rebounds, and 9.8 assists. In the process, Doncic broke several franchise records in Dallas, drawing cheers from fans.

Doncic was the top scorer for the Dallas franchise in a single season. He broke Mark Aguirre’s previous record of 2,330 points. Doncic naturally broke Dallas legend Duck Nowitzki’s record.

What is Nowitzki’s response to this? In an interview with ESPN, Nowitzki praised his junior colleagues. 무료 슬롯

Nowitzki said, “I’m really angry. Luka Doncic is breaking all my records. I’m really happy. My retirement season was Doncic’s debut season. Honestly, I didn’t expect Doncic to go beyond his limits at the time,” smiling.

Doncic’s scoring ability is beyond imagination. He averaged more than 20 points during his debut season. Doncic, who has been at full potential since then, has displayed explosive scoring ability by averaging more than 27.7 points every season.

If Doncic remains Dallas’ one-club man, there is a possibility that he will break Nowitzki’s franchise record of 31,560 points.

Nowitzki said, “There are no holes in Doncic’s offense. He plays at the post and can throw floaters, too. Every year I told him that Doncic couldn’t be further. But he comes back to the court after sharpening his skills. Dallas fans have loved Doncic for a long time.”

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