Eric Dier is known for his solid defense at Bayern Munich

Eric Dier is known for his solid defense at Bayern Munich, but his performances at Tottenham have been poor.

“Tottenham won 4-0 at Aston Villa but lost 0-3 at Fulham in a heartbreaking defeat,” said Football Fancast on September 19, “manager Enzi Postecoglou must have been bewildered by the sudden loss. The absence of Micky van der Vaan, who left with a hamstring injury after the Aston Villa game, was huge. It wasn’t a serious injury, but his absence was crucial,” the report said.

“Radu Dragucin made his first league start and was beaten by Rodrigo Muniz. He showed a lack of composure. Nevertheless, Dragusin has the quality to develop at the highest level. In effect, he is a similar replacement for Dyer.”

Football Fancast concluded: “Dyer was a loyal player, but few will be unhappy with his departure. Dier is neither mobile nor aggressive enough to embrace the new Tottenham, and given his high salary and lack of impact, it was a move that had to happen. 안전놀이터 Long-term commitment is to be commended, but Spurs are building a new era.”

Kim Min-jae was a standout performer for SSC Napoli in the Italian Serie A last season, attracting interest from big European clubs.

Kim joined Napoli from Fenerbahçe in the summer of 2022 and immediately became one of the club’s key defenders, helping Napoli win the Serie A title.

The Italian Serie A secretariat recognized his performance and named him Defender of the Year.

As Kim became one of the best defenders in Europe, the world’s top clubs were scrambling to sign him. Premier League giants Manchester United, who once played for South Korean soccer legend Park Ji-Sung, were among those interested in signing Kim.

However, the German Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich thwarted their attempts. Bayern Munich agreed to pay Napoli a €50 million ($72.6 billion) buyout clause for Kim Min-jae, and Kim also wanted to move to Bayern Munich.

Thomas Tuchel wanted him badly, but the mood has been completely different lately. Kim has been left out of the starting lineup for three consecutive games.

His replacement is Dier. Kim and Dayo Upamecano have been pushed aside in favor of Matthijs de Ligt and Dyer.

After the win over Lazio, Dyer said: “I’m settling in really well. The club, the city and the fans have made it easy to settle in. 바카라사이트 추천 I’m enjoying playing for Bayern Munich. I’m enjoying everything. I doing my best to help the team,” he said.

Head coach Thomas Tuchel added: “Dier plays very clearly and talks a lot. He coordinates the defense well and has a great relationship with Der Licht,” said Thomas Tuchel.

Dyer is happy playing football in Germany, but the view from England is different.

Football Fancast outlined the reasons for Spurs’ decision to release him, citing his slow mobility, lack of attacking prowess, high salary, and limited impact. In the end, he didn’t make the England squad.

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