Existence in itself is ‘Appreciation’

Tottenham will play the 15th round of the English Premier League (EPL) against West Ham for the 2023-2024 season at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, the U.K.. It desperately needs a turnaround.

Tottenham had a 3-3 draw with Manchester City on Tuesday. Although Tottenham broke the chain of three consecutive losses and turned the tables, it still has no win (one draw and three losses) in four consecutive games.

Tottenham’s biggest change this season is the transfer of its flagship player and symbol Harry Kane. When Kane left for Bayern Munich, many gloomy predictions that Tottenham would fall outside the top 10 list.

The reality was different. Postecoglous attacking football, which boosted his teams capacity, was beyond imagination. His philosophy was not swayed under any circumstances. Son Heung-min is right at the center. Postecoglou once again sang Son Heung-min with his “storm of praise.” 안전한 파워볼사이트

“Son Heung-min is an elite striker who played in the Premier League in all aspects. I would be very surprised if he is not considered one of the best strikers in the Premier League by the time he retires,” he said on Sunday.

“People forget a lot of his career. Son has always been a goal threat, even though he played in the side,” he said with a smile. “Now I’m putting him in the middle, and he’s already scored nine goals. He’s also leading in the offside goal category.”

Son started from the side this season, but moved to the top when Hishalisson was sluggish. He has nine goals and two assists in 14 EPL matches.

Of course, he has some regrets. Son made headlines by scoring an “offside hat trick” in the match against Aston Villa on April 27. His “offside goal” is also unrivaled.

Postecoglou also gave a thumbs up to Son Heung-min as a human being. “I already knew before I came here that Son is an outstanding player. However, he is as good as a human being as a soccer player,” he said. “He is an inspiration to me when I see someone who loves what he is doing even after climbing mountains several times in every goal in his soccer career. I feel blessed by what he does and I think it is passed on to others as well.”

Son has scored goals in all matches against powerhouses such as Arsenal (two goals), Liverpool and Manchester City this season. “This is the definition of Rudership,” Postecoglou said.

He said, “I always look at the leader when things don’t go well. Whether people say it good or bad, Son always seems to have the idea in his mind that he will never stop running. And that affects his teammates. In fact, most runs have no reward. If the leader and best player is doing so, as a teammate, he cannot help but do so. He has been a huge strength and inspiration to me during this difficult period that he is still going through. I feel really grateful to be able to work with Son.”

Son will continue to be the center of Tottenham. Postecoglou said, “Son will be a very important part of the team we build. Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t sign another striker. That’s what Son will ask me to do,” adding, “I knew that to build a team that can win, the best players always wanted to recruit better players. They want to know that they are surrounded by other players who are motivated to succeed, and there is no doubt that Son will play a big role in that.”

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