First of all, please say hello to the soccer fans.

Hello. (Korean) We will talk a lot about the A match today, but first of all, I want to congratulate you and say thank you for your hard work on the Asian Games gold medal. I think it’s right to celebrate the Asian Games gold medal first.

-Who was the most impressive player on the Asian Games list?

Before talking to a specific player, I came to Korea and watched a lot of games by age in Korea. He also checked the Under-22 Asian Cup and talked a lot with coach Hwang Sun-hong about recruiting players. There has been quite a lot of understanding in Korean soccer, and there have been four convocations in six to seven months. Players from domestic and overseas leagues have become more understanding of what issues exist in their teams. Now, it is very important how to get these players and go to the Asian Cup. The Asian Games gold medal is quite pleasant, but in fact, I didn’t know much about military issues. However, I found out that there were difficulties in military issues when I spent time with the players (broadcast), and winning a gold medal at the Asian Games seems to have been a good motivation. I’m very excited for the upcoming Asian Cup, but I don’t have much time, so it’s important to make the best list and I hope the motivation to perform well in the Asian Cup will continue. 안전놀이터

How do you plan to manage players who are playing overseas when they are not in good condition?

The fatigue of overseas players is natural. I have to adjust to the time difference and it may not be easy in many ways, but I think Son will be less tired this year. Tottenham did not participate in the European competition because it had a disappointing performance last season. The position of the national team always seems special. I was like that when I was a player, and the national team is an honorable position to enjoy as a player. It is not a position that anyone can enjoy until retirement. I think when he comes to Korea, he will want to play 90 minutes every game just with the expectation of being able to play in front of the people. The coaching staff will judge, control, and reduce the amount of exercise for about a day or two. The preparation is for these players to show good performances to the people and fans on the field. The players must want to play the full 90 minutes. As you know, during the three call-ups, the roster has changed a lot and several players have been called up. After all, our ultimate goal is the Asian Cup. This October’s A match will be the last warm-up match, and the World Cup qualifiers will begin in November, so it will now begin. After the World Cup qualifiers, we have to go to Qatar and perform well, so how we organize our players is the most important thing. I think overseas players such as Son Heung-min, Hwang Hee-chan, Lee Jae-sung, and Hwang In-beom will be familiar with long-distance travel. Whenever I called up the national team as a player, I felt like a holiday. That’s how happy I was every time I called the national team. And when we talk in person, all the players want to play a little more somehow. It’s my role to get the players to give everything on the field and I don’t really intend to turn the rotation or leave the players out.

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