‘First Presidency’ National Park Golf Tournament Completed—The Overall Winner Wins Daegu

The 1st Presidential National Park Golf Tournament concluded on Saturday. Hosted by the Korea Park Golf Association and the Daegu Park Golf Association, the two-day tournament was held at Wicheon Park Golf Course in Nongong-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, and attracted more than 820 park golfers from 17 provinces. The players competed fiercely for the first presidential title.

In the Individual General (Men), Song Kwan-seop (Busan) took first place with 105 strokes. Park Soon-hee (Gyeonggi) took first place in the Individual General (Women) with a score of 110. In the Individual Senior (Men), Oh Soon-tak (Seoul) took home the trophy with a score of 109, while Jeong Geum-ja (Jeonbuk) took first place in the Individual Senior (Women) with a score of 112.

Song Kwan-seop (66) shot the lowest round of the tournament with a 36-hole score of 105. He finished six strokes clear of second place. “I didn’t score well on the first day, so I was disappointed, but I’m very happy with the result,” said Song. “As a Park Golf instructor, I teach members, but I think the experience also helped me win today,” he added.

Park Soon-hee (60), who took first place in the Individual General (Women) category, won her first trophy of the tournament. “I’m very happy to win my first tournament,” Park said, “I recently had surgery and my health is improving, so I’m living a happy life after discovering Park Golf.” He also credited his fellow club members for the victory, saying that he enjoyed playing park golf every day with the members of the ‘Bokdut Club’ who play park golf together.

The winner of the Individual Senior (Women) category is Jeong Geum-ja (65), a 10-year park golfer. She has won several awards, including a runner-up finish in the women’s division at the Suseong Green Park Golf Championships last year. When asked about the secret to her victory, Jung said, “I don’t think there is anything but hard work, so I always practice consistently.” She added, “It was difficult because Wichuan Park Golf Course has hills, but I am happy to win this award.”

Oh Soon Tak (70), the top-ranked player in the individual senior (men’s) category, arrived in Daegu three days before the tournament to familiarize himself with the course. “In other tournaments, I participated without practicing beforehand and was always disappointed with the results, but this time, I checked the field in advance,” he said. “I’ve won many small tournaments,” he said, “but it’s a new feeling to win a national tournament, especially one with the presidential flag.”

Meanwhile, the team of Kim Jung-bong and Lee Chang-hee (Busan) took first place in the general team (men) category with 102 strokes. The team of Park Young-mi and Lee 토토사이트 Jeong-hoon (Gyeongnam) took first place in the team general (women) with 104 strokes, the team of Jang Yong-jin and Kim Hong-jin (Daegu) took first place in the team senior (men) with 107 strokes, and the team of Kim Jong-suk and Sung Jum-yeon (Gyeonggi) took first place in the team senior (women) with 107 strokes.

The overall winner was determined by combining the individual and team scores from each attempt. The home team, Daegu, took first place overall and was awarded the presidential trophy. The runner-up spot went to Gyeongnam. Gyeonggi finished in third place. “We are pleased to have won the overall title of the first presidential tournament,” said Kim Kwang-ki (82), president of the Daegu Metropolitan Park Golf Association. “Daegu is the ‘best’ park golf city in the country, and we are even more pleased to have won this tournament, which we organized with great care.”

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