Former Pakistan captain Shoib Aktar ‘can’t speak English’ Jibe at Babar Azam

During a recent appearance on a local news channel, Shoib Akhtar argued that Babar Azam is not a big brand because he doesn’t speak English. Former Pakistan captain Salman Burt has criticized his former colleague Shoib Akhtar for criticizing Babar Azam’s communication skills. During a recent appearance on a local news channel, Akhtar insisted that Babar was not a big brand because he couldn’t speak English, and pointed out the shortcomings of Pakistani athletes. But Bert countered Akhtar’s claim, saying the focus should be on honing cricket skills instead of communication skills. He also urged Akhtar not to publicly target the player live. 바카라사이트넷

“The very fact that we’re talking about him proves he’s a brand. You only talk about the people involved. He will learn over time. There are many athletes in Pakistan who learned the language when they lived abroad. I don’t know why he should say that. We have to support him. If you really want to improve on him, you don’t mention Babar either, you have to meet him, you have to meet him on his private channel,” Babar said. “But it’s Babar, but it’s But.”

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