He changed unrecognizable after four years of retirement

Andersson, who used to share a room with Park Ji-sung at Manchester United in the past, has changed beyond recognition.

British media Daily Mail reported on Monday (Korea time) that soccer fans were surprised by Andersson’s change in appearance. A former Golden Boy winner, he looks very different from his career as an active player.

Andersson, who appeared in a recent commercial, shaved his head. His body was more swollen than when he was a soccer player. It is hard to recognize Andersson in the past.

His hairstyle changed the most. Andersson stuck to his unique reggae hairstyle when he played for Manchester United. He was not skinny back then, but now he is a big fan. Just looking at the pictures he took with his children on Instagram last month, he is like that.

Andersson is familiar to Korean soccer fans. He joined Manchester United in 2007 and stayed there until 2015. He is also known in Korea as a close colleague of Park Ji-sung.

Andersson was such a promising player that he even received the Golden Boy Award in the past. The Golden Boy is an award given to the most outstanding U-21 (under 21) player in the world. Andersson won the award in 2008.

However, he did not display as much talent as expected. Rafael, who is a colleague from Brazil and played for Manchester United, once said that Andersson could have reached his peak if he had managed his eating habits. Andersson is said to have liked McDonald’s even when he was an active player. 파칭코

He did not have a long run as a player. He broke up with Manchester United in 2015, and announced his retirement four years later in 2019 at the age of 31. And he was looking quite different now from when he was a player.

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