Hishalisson warns Madison

“Now we’re enemies, we’re going to shake you up and catch you”

Hishalisson has issued a warning to Tottenham Hotspur compatriot James Maddison.

England and Brazil will play a friendly match at Wembley Stadium in London, England, on the 22nd (Korea time).

The two teams, which do not have any matches for the 2026 FIFA North-Central America World Cup, will conduct friendly matches during the A-match period in March to evaluate their current capability. In this showdown, England and Brazil will also seek to check their tactical conditions with their players.

This can be seen from the national team roster. England has selected key players such as Harry Kane, Jude Bellingham, John Stones, Kyle Walker, as well as players such as Ollie Watkins, Madison, and Kobe Mainu, who have been showing good performances in their recent teams.

The same holds true for Brazil. While calling up Vinicius Junior, Rodrigo and Bruno Guimarães, Brazil also indirectly expressed its intention to check the players’ skills by selecting Douglas Luiz, Jan Kotu, Savio and 17-year-old Endrick.

The showdown between England and Brazil is attracting a lot of attention because it is a large friendly match among the confrontations that take place during the A-match in March. In response, the British team paid attention to the relationship between Hishalisson and Madison, who were selected for the national team during the A-match.

Send a warning to Hishalisson Madison!

Football London said, “Hichalisson has already sent a warning to his teammate Madison. He warned that he would put pressure on Madison if the two players face off in a friendly match between England and Brazil. Hichalisson made it clear that he would do his best to distract Madison if they had a showdown with Madison,” highlighting his interview.

In a recent interview with Sky Sports in the U.K., Hishalisson said, “I told Madison that we’re going to get them. I’m going to put pressure on him as well,” adding, “I’m hoping that we can put on a good performance, and I’m hoping that we can shake Madison as much as possible.”

Hishalisson and Maddison have started keeping pace with Tottenham this season. Madison met as a teammate when Leicester City joined Tottenham after they were relegated. The two players seem to have a good relationship, although there are not many matches they have played together because Hishalisson has had a difficult time mentally and Madison also suffered an injury during the season.

Can we meet against each other in this game?

Predictions on 토토사이트 are not certain whether the two players will be able to meet with each other in the upcoming match. Madison was selected to the national team thanks to his good performance, but he has not been given opportunities consistently in the national team. As for Hishalisson, he has continued to be listed on the national team, contrary to Madison, but has not played many matches due to injury recently.

Meanwhile, Hishalisson said Brazil should be wary of Kane, who had played with Tottenham until last season. Kane, a leading English striker who is currently a member of Bayern Munich, is showing off his outstanding scoring capacity in Munich as well.

Hishalisson said, “I think Kane is a really hard-working player for the club. He had huge responsibilities for Tottenham. If it’s not my fault, Kane is a key striker for England. So we have to keep our performance going. We know Kane is a striker who scores a lot of goals, so we will keep watching him.”

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