How did the European gambling market recover from COVID-19 in terms of revenue?

European gambling markets, including the UK, have faced many challenging challenges and obstacles from lockdown measures following the COVID-19 pandemic. When this first happened, gambling operators and betting companies didn’t know how to deal with it and make a profit. But a beneficial solution was found almost immediately, and precisely this solution helped the European gambling market maintain a relatively good level of revenue. 파칭코사이트인포

In this infographic, Login Casino separately collected financial reports from European gambling regulators and several countries to provide in-depth statistics on how the European gambling market recovered from pandemic results in terms of revenue. It also added the former EU member Britain to the data provided.

This infographic aims to demonstrate the potential and financial perspective of the gambling business.

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Gambling is somewhat legal in many European countries. Many gambling enthusiasts and enthusiasts like to spend their free time and money playing casino games and betting on various sports events. However, in some countries, gambling is the highest-rated entertainment, and there is a world map infographic that represents the gambling market (EU + UK) with the largest total gambling returns. This data is for fiscal 2020 because there is no detailed data for 2021.

The UK is not part of the EU, but it has the highest performance of €15.99 billion, or 19.7% of its total gambling revenue, and the largest gambling country in the EU is Italy, with a total income of €13.2 billion.

Germany did not stray far from these leaders during fiscal year 2020 and earned 12.1 billion euros.

Gambling in France is a widespread phenomenon in which France has been able to earn 10.2 billion euros in gambling profits.

Spain has not had the best results in this regard, but earned 6 billion euros in 2020.

And the Netherlands, a country where gambling has been relatively recently legalized, has achieved excellent results with a profit of 2.99 billion euros in the industry, outpacing other countries with a broader gambling history.

The above countries generated 74.2% of the total gambling revenue in the market.

Considering players of low value in the European gambling market, the lowest returns occur in Luxembourg, Malta, Estonia, and Lithuania. These counties could not even reach the edge of EUR 200 million.

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