How to use the road construction Tanaka, is “two-person reception” the correct answer?

Jeong Gwan-jeon and scored 21 points, and it was his first consecutive win at the Korea Expressway Corporation. Korea Expressway Corporation beat Jeong Kwan-jang on its home turf and recorded its first consecutive win since the opening of the season. 슬롯머신

Korea Expressway Corporation High Pass, led by head coach Kim Jong-min, won a set score of 3-2 (23-25, 25-18, 25-17, 20-25, 15-13) at home against Red Sparks in the second round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League women’s division at Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 18th. After beating Pepper Savings Bank AI Peppers 3-1 on the 15th, Korea Expressway Corporation, which won two points with a thrilling full-set victory on the same day, maintained its fifth-place position (3 wins and 6 losses), narrowing the gap with fourth-place Jeong Kwan-jang to one point.

The Korea Expressway Corporation led the attack by Banya Bukirich with 27 points with seven blocks, while rookie middle blocker Kim Se-bin also scored eight points, including three blocks, showing a fast pace of adaptation in the professional league. And on the same day, the Korea Expressway Corporation operated a “two-person reception” that entrusted Lim Myeong-ok Rivero and Moon Jung-won with sub-reception, just like last season when they won the championship against Champ. The move was aimed at maximizing the offense of Tanacha Suksot in the Asian quarter, who scored 21 points, the most since his debut in the V League.

Road construction has weakened since Park Jeong-ah left

Korea Expressway Corporation ranked at the bottom with 11 wins and 19 losses in the 2016-2017 season, despite having good setters and middle blockers such as Lee Hyo-hee (coach of Korea Expressway Corporation), Jung Dae-young (GS Caltex KIXX), and Bae Yuna. Foreign player Kennedy Bryan was withdrawn amid a slump, and Hillary Hurley, who was brought in late, scored 326 points in 17 games, but she was not a foreign player with the ability to change the team’s fate.

In the end, after the 2016-2017 season, the Korea Expressway Corporation realized the need for a clear native cannon and strengthened its offense by recruiting national striker Park Jung-ah (Pepper Savings Bank) for a three-year contract period and a total annual salary of 250 million won in the FA market. Park Jung-ah is a proven striker who led the team to the championship in the championship three times during the time of IBK Industrial Bank Altos, but there were also many skeptical views about recruiting Park Jung-ah. It was because of the sub-reception, which is considered Park Jung-ah’s chronic weakness.

Korea Expressway Corporation coach Kim Jong-min also found out that Park Jung-ah’s receiving problem could not be solved in a short period of time and soon found a solution. It was to exempt Park Jung-ah from receiving and focus only on attack. This was a possible tactic because the Korea Expressway Corporation had “receiving masters” named Ok Libero and Moon Jung-won. Park Jung-ah, who was exempted from receiving sub-reception and devoted only to attack, was selected as the MVP of the championship by leading the Korea Expressway Corporation to the championship for the first time since its professional launch in the 2017-2018 season.

Thus, Park Jung-ah moved to Pepper Savings Bank ahead of this season after leading to two championships while playing for the Korea Expressway Corporation for six seasons. The Korea Expressway Corporation is on alert for the departure of a certain native ace, who was responsible for around 500 points each season. Of course, after last season, “Volleyball Empress” Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Pink Spiders) came to the FA market, but Korea Expressway Corporation, which had five winning members qualified as FA at once, could not afford to jump into the recruitment of Kim Yeon-kyung.

In the end, the Korea Expressway Corporation selected Thai apogit spy Tanacha with the fourth overall pick in the Asian quarter draft to strengthen its offense. It was expected that Thai players, the rising Asian volleyball powerhouse, would show strength in the Asian quarter draft, which was first implemented since the launch of the V League, but it was somewhat surprising that a player from the Apogit spy position was selected. As such, the Korea Expressway Corporation desperately needed to reinforce its offensive power after Park Jung-ah left the team.

He was exempted from receiving serve and scored 21 points

Korea Expressway Corporation also named Bukirich, the 198-cm-tall Apogit Spiker, in the foreign player draft held in May. Considering that foreign players with a high attack share rarely fall behind in the main competition in the V League, the Korea Expressway Corporation nominated Tanacha and Bukirich, resulting in a “position overlap” even before the season opened. Tanacha had no choice but to play as a bench member or turn into an outside heater.

In the end, Tanacha tried to transform into an outside heater in the road construction. If Tanacha maintains a certain level of sub-reception and shows a consistent attack, head coach Kim Jong-min can manage the team more systematically while minimizing the gap caused by Park Chung-ah’s transfer. In fact, Tanacha was appointed as the main outside heater from the opening match against Heungkuk Life Insurance on October 14. However, as a result, “Tanacha receiving” was far from an operation to maximize Tanacha’s capabilities.

Although he had played as an outside heater when he was playing in the Thai league, it was impossible for Tanacha to play as a professional outside heater like Wippawi Shitong (Hyundai Construction Hillstate) in the already unfamiliar V League. The more Tanacha played, the more he felt burdened by the sub-reception, and the opposing teams, who identified it, used a target-hit serve focused on Tanacha. As such, last season’s winning team, Korea Expressway Corporation, fell into a slump with two wins and six losses in eight games after the opening of the season.

Coach Kim Jong-min, who could not find the most ideal “Tanacha utilization method,” took out the “two-person receptions” of Im Myeong-ok Rivero and Moon Jung-won again in the game against Chung Kwan-kwan on the 18th. It created an environment where Tanacha could concentrate on the attack without putting the burden of sub-reception on him. And Tanacha, who was responsible for 25.95% of the attack share, scored 21 points with a 41.46 percent success rate, including three serve points and one block, leading the road corporation’s attack with Bukirich.

In team sports volleyball, where organizational power is very important, it is difficult to perform well with only one specific player’s performance. The Korea Expressway Corporation also desperately needs support from the rest of the players, even if the 198-cm Bukirich plays well. And at this point, the player who can be Bukirich’s best offensive partner is Thailand’s national team member Tanacha, who has been burdened with sub-receiving. This is why head coach Kim Jong-min tried to save Tanacha’s offense by adding to the defensive burden of the rest of the players.

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